Spring Celebration, The, paper ed VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES


The Spring Celebration is a children's picture book about the coming of spring in the northern Manitoba village of Brochet. A young Cree girl named Iskotew is excited as the entire community awaits the first signs of spring. When spring arrives, the whole village turns out for a community picnic. One Sunday, the community decides the time for spring has arrived and everyone prepares for the day by cooking bannock, moose meat, and fish. The children are sent out to pick the cranberries that where frozen under the snow. These cranberries are boiled to make a delicious dessert.

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Jack Pine Fish Camp OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT. This title is no longer available from the publisher. Jack Pine Fish Camp is a children's picture book about everyday life at a summer fish camp in northern Manitoba. A young girl named Iskotwe (Cree for little fire) explains what it is like to travel by boat to the fish camp where her family spends their summers. She describes their camp and how her father and older brother go out on the lake to check the fish nets. One day she is permitted to leave the camp and her babysitting chores and go with the fishermen.

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