News: Postcards from the Four Directions, paper ed


News: Postcards from the Four Directions is an anthology of Ojibwe playwright Drew Hayden Taylor's 2010 work containing 90 essays, columns, editorials, and reflections on Aboriginal peoples in Canada. All offerings contain the writer's trademark satirical twist and are organized into the four cardinal directions: North for contemplation and wisdom; South for journeys both physical and spiritual; East for beginnings and youth; and West for maturity and responsibility.

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Dead White Writer on the Floor: A Play, paper ed


Dead White Writer on the Floor uses two literary conventions - theatre of the absurd and mystery novels - to create one of the funniest and thought-provoking plays ever about identity politics. In Act One, six 'savages'; noble, innocent, ignorant, fearless, wise and gay, respectively; find themselves in a locked room with the body of a white writer, which they stash in a closet. None of them can figure out how he died or which of them might have killed him.

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Motorcycles and Sweetgrass: A Novel, paper ed


Motorcycles and Sweetgrass: A Novel is a recent novel by Ojibwe playwright and author Drew Hayden Taylor. When a stranger pulls up astride a 1953 Indian Chief motorcycle to the sleepy Anishnawbe community called Otter Lake everything turns upside down especially when the Reserve's Chief, Maggie, is swept off her feet by the stranger, but her teenage son is suspicious of the stranger and he teams up with his uncle Wayne to drive the stranger from the Reserve. ATOS Reading Level: 5.3. White Pine Nominee 2012.

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Berlin Blues, The, paper ed


The Berlin Blues is a play by Ojibwe playwright Drew Hayden Taylor that captures his characteristic satirical voice. In this play, the setting is a small Ojibwe reserve community facing the dilemma of sacrificing their traditional values for the exploitative economic development proposed by a German-based company. The business proposal drops into the lap of the band office's economic development officer who deals with a German couple who plan a theme-park called Ojibway World.

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Me Sexy: An Exploration of Native Sex and Sexuality, paper ed


Me Sexy: An Exploration of Native Sex and Sexuality, compiled and edited by Drew Hayden Taylor, contains thirteen essays that explore the topic of Aboriginal sexuality, identity, and erotica. Contributors include Tomson Highway, Lee Maracle, Gregory Scofield, Makka Kleist, and Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm. The many highlights include Lee Maracle's creation story, Salish style; Tomson Highway explaining why Cree is the sexiest of all languages; Marius P.

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Zaagidiwin is a Many Splendoured Thing: Love, Laughter and Learning Stories from Aboriginal Writers, paper ed, LIMITED QUANTITIES


Zaagidiwin is a Many Splendoured Thing: Love, Laughter and Learning Stories from Aboriginal Writers is an anthology of twelve short stories written by Aboriginal authors on the theme of Love for the Ningwakwe Learning Press. Zaagidiwin is an Ojibwe word that loosely translates as love. Well-known Ojibwe writer Drew Hayden Taylor contributes the foreword to the collection. The authors tackled the issue of love in this collection that draws on First Nations and Metis traditions and brings these personal stories of love and loss to literacy audiences. Caution: mature themes and content.

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Night Wanderer: A Native Gothic Novel, The, hardcover ed LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE


The Night Wanderer: A Native Gothic Novel is the newest Drew Hayden Taylor book. This time the Ojibwe playwright tackles the young adult novel and provides a twist by creating characters and a storyline that is part vampire tale as well as a coming of age novel. Teenager Tiffany Hunter is a disgruntled high school student who lives with her dysfunctional family on a small Ojibwe reserve. Otter Lake is her home and living at her house are her father and his mother. Grandmother is caring and wise and holds the family together after Tiffany's mother left her family for another man.

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