Dreamcatcher and the Seven Deceivers, hardcover ed 2017 FNCR


Dreamcatcher and the Seven Deceivers (Asabikeshiiwasp gaye awiya oga-gagwe-niisibidoon), the sequel to the Seven Sacred Teachings, warns of voices we can expect to hear in our dreamtime – voices that do not represent the Sacred Teachings. These are the voices of Seven Deceivers who are spoken of by name. The allure of their whisperings is carefully spelled out in order that all might come to know what to listen for.

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Le Capteur de Rêves et les Sept Tentations (Dreamcatcher & the Seven Deceivers), hardcover ed


Le Capteur de Rêves et les Sept Tentations is the French language edition of Dreamcatcher & the Seven Deceivers by Métis author David Bouchard. The sequel to Les Sept Enseignements Sacres (Seven Sacred Teachings), warns readers about voices one can expect to hear during our dreamtime, voices that do not represent the Sacred Teachings. In his introduction Bouchard explains long before the colonization efforts began, First Nations had prophesies that forewarned the people.

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Raven's Greatest Creation: Gaagaagi Ogichi-gikendaasowin, hardcover ed


Raven's Greatest Creation: Gaagaagi Ogichi-gikendaasowin is the 2011 release from Métis author and storyteller David Bouchard. Bouchard has dreamed this version of creation story of Skyworld, Raven, and the ultimate creation of two-leggeds or humans. Cherokee artist Brigitte Lopez has created a colourful and majestic series of paintings for this book. The animals such as Swan, Bear, Buffalo, Cougar, and Raven take on other-worldly appearances. Each animal and bird contributes their special gifts courage, humility, respect, cooperation, and wisdom to the new creation, humankind.

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