Up in Nipigon Country: Anthropology as a Personal Experience, paper ed


Fieldwork, once regarded as an essential pillar of social anthropology, has come under attack, especially from the post-modern school. Edward Hedican argues that for many in the discipline, an anthropology without fieldwork would appear to be a hollow, meaningless experience, devoid of its central epistemological value. This book, drawing on the author's fieldwork experience among Ojibwe people in Northern Ontario, explores post-modernism's critique of fieldwork and fieldwork's contribution to modern anthropology.

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Applied Anthropology in Canada: Understanding Aboriginal Issues, 2nd ed, paper ed


Applied Anthropology in Canada: Understanding Aboriginal Issues is an impassioned call for a revitalized anthropology by University of Guelph professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Edward Hedican. In this second edition, Hedican includes commentary about the Royal Commission, Bill-C31, and most importantly the Ipperwash Inquiry of 2007. Hedican argues that anthropology must be more directly attuned to the practical problems faced by First Nations in Canada and anthropologists must be involved in land claims and public policy issues.

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