Iron Peggy, paperback ed.


Iron Peggy is by Marie Clements (Dene/Métis). In Iron Peggy, Peg is struggling to survive at boarding school in England. Three girls take aim at Peg and make her life utterly miserable. When her beloved Grandmother dies she just wants to disappear. Then an unexpected gift arrives; inside it, Peg finds three cast-iron Canadian soldiers. In despair, she throws them against the floor. How can they help her? They are so small, and the girls’ shadow is so big. But, miraculously, the toys come to life as Indigenous snipers from World War I, just in time to wage an epic battle against the girls.

Price: $16.95

Edward Curtis Project: A Modern Picture Story, paper ed


Edward Curtis Project: A Modern Picture Story is part art catalogue and part drama. It features a collaborative project produced specifically for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics that comments on the colonization of Aboriginal peoples in Canada in the 21st century. The play by Marie Clements examines the life work of photographer Edward S. Curtis through the eyes of an Aboriginal journalist who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after covering a particularly tragic news story in the Arctic.

Price: $29.95

Copper Thunderbird: A Play, paper ed


Mature language and themes. Copper Thunderbird: A Play debuted at the National Arts Centre English Theatre. This play by Métis playwright Marie Clements tackles the fascinating and complicated life of Ojibwe artist Norval Morrisseau (1931-2007). The play is presented in a non-realistic, dream-like style and contains both coarse and poetic language. The old Norval is visited by a younger boy who takes him on a journey that examines the various events in the artist's life.

Price: $15.95