Song Within My Heart, The UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher. The Song Within My Heart is centred on Cree artist Allen Sapp's evocative paintings of his boyhood in Saskatchewan together with David Bouchard's lyrical text. In combination the text and images reinforce the love between a grandmother and her grandson as they prepare to attend a powwow. Based on the recollections of Allen Sapp's childhood with his Nokum (grandmother), the paintings capture the everyday preparations of this Plains Cree family. The boy recalls his first powwow and asks his Nokum what the singers are saying.

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Elders Are Watching, The, hardcover ed


The Elders Are Watching, 5th edition, reflects collaboration between poet David Bouchard and artist Roy Henry Vickers. First released in 1990, this combination of poetic art explores the theme of First Nations and their relationship to the environment. Twenty-five evocative, colour images drawn by Vickers are combined with four-line verses written by Bouchard. Together the Tsimshian artist and the British Columbian teacher gently focus the reader's attention to the importance of the environment and the teachings of the elders.

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Qu'appelle, hardcover ed OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT Qu'appelle by poet David Bouchard combines a romanticized retelling of the origin of Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan with the evocative paintings by Cree artist Michael Lonechild. Bouchard explains how he first heard the compelling story about the region's name. Qu'Appelle can be traced to a Cree story about love and heartbreak between a First Nation's couple. Michael Lonechild draws upon his vivid memories of Saskatchewan's landscapes during the four seasons as his inspiration for the collaboration. His fourteen paintings illustrate key points of the poem.

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Meaning of Respect, The OUT OF PRINT


The Meaning of Respect is written by an experienced teacher and principal about a twelve-year old Cree student with an attitude. The boy is sent to his grandfather on the reserve for some "counselling" and "spiritual guidance" when he shows disrespect toward his teacher, school, and learning in general. The boy thinks this will be a wonderful holiday away from school. From the time he arrives at his Moshum's home, the boy is kept busy helping his grandfather hunt, fish, and trap.

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Dragon of Heaven: The Memoirs of the Last Memoirs of China, hardcover ed LIMITED QUANTITY


Dragon of Heaven: The Memoirs of the Last Memoirs of China is the fictionalized story of Tz-u-his, better known as the Empress Dowager, the controversial woman who ruled China for almost half a century. This sumptuous book combines 25 majestic oil paintings of the Empress by renowned artist Zhong-Yang Huang with engaging, anecdote-studded text by celebrated storyteller David Bouchard.Tz-u-his (1833-1908) began life as a concubine but managed to rule China while a series of lovers and finally her son actually sat on the throne.

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