Living Treaties: Narrating Mi'kmaw Treaty Relations, paper ed


Living Treaties: Narrating Mi'kmaw Treaty Relations is a collection of 17 essays edited by Marie Battiste. Many of the contributors are Mi'kmaw and the authors are Stephen J Augustine, Pamela Palmater, Fred Metallic, Patrick J. Augustine, Jaime Battiste, Stuart Killen, James [Sa’kej] Youngblood Henderson, Russel Barsh, Natasha Simon, Daniel N. Paul, Douglas E. Brown, Kerry Prosper, Victor Carter-Julian, Naiomi Metallic, Eleanor Tu’ti Bernard, and Marie Battiste.

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Visioning a Mi'kmaw Humanities: Indigenizing the Academy, paper ed Available in 2017


Since the Renaissance, liberal education has as its core tradition a Eurocentric multidisciplinary humanism - the study of literature, art, philosophy and history - grounded in ancient Greek and Latin texts. In what may be termed cognitive imperialism, the academy has largely ignored Aboriginal perspectives of humanity.

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Decolonizing Education: Nourishing the Learning Spirit, paper ed


Decolonizing Education: Nourishing the Learning Spirit by Dr. Marie Battiste, Mi'kmaw educator and scholar presents a new model for Indigenous education. Drawing on treaties, international law, the work of other Indigenous scholars, and especially personal experiences, Marie Battiste documents the nature of Eurocentric models of education, and their devastating impacts on Indigenous knowledge.

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Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage: A Global Challenge, paper ed


Whether the approximately 500 million Indigenous Peoples in the world live in Canada, the United States, Australia, India, Peru, or Russia, they have faced a similar fate at the hands of colonizing powers. That has included assaults on their language and culture, commercialization of their art, and use of their plant knowledge in the development of medicine, all without consent, acknowledgement, or benefit to them. The authors, Dr. Marie Battiste and James Youngblood Henderson, paint a passionate picture of the devastation these assaults have wrought on Indigenous peoples.

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Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision, paper ed


The essays in Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision spring from an International Summer Institute held in 1996 on the cultural restoration of oppressed Indigenous peoples. The contributors, primarily Indigenous, unravel the processes of colonization that enfolded modern society and resulted in the oppression of Indigenous peoples.

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First Nations Education in Canada: The Circle Unfolds, paper ed


In this volume, First Nations Education in Canada: The Circle Unfolds, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal authors examine various aspects of the schooling of children and adults. The editors have drawn on the powerful circle or medicine wheel symbol as a guiding principle for this volume of 15 essays. First Nations Education in Canada provides not only an examination of the state of the art but also a guide for helping both, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educators, meet the challenge.

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