In Arctic Waters, paper ed


In Arctic Waters by Laura Crawford is an engaging 32-page picture book about northern mammals such as polar bears, walruses, seals, narwhals and beluga whales as they chase each other around "the ice that floats in the Arctic waters." Not only is the rhythmic, cumulative prose good for early readers; it is a pure delight to read aloud. The book is validated by the marine mammal specialist at the University of Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program. The final pages introduce an Inuk hunter into the rhyme.

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A Leaf Can Be


This picture book poetically explores the many things a leaf can be from shade spiller and mouth filler to tree topper and rain stopper. Backmatter provides additional explanations.   ***********NOTE: 40% OFF PRICE SHOWN WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*********


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You Push, I Ride


Apple's watercolor depictions of the day are trim and airy.... She captures many loving moments between parents and child; particularly winsome is her picture of You make a lap,/I take a nap."..., a happy, winning mood prevails." |Publishers Weekly

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