Against the Boards, paper ed


Against the Boards is one of the titles in the Sports Stories Series published by Lorimer. Author Lorna Nicholson writes a coming-of-age story about Peter who finally gets selected to play on an AAA Bantam hockey team in Edmonton. However his difficulty adjusting to city life, a new school, and a host family begins to affect his performance on the ice. ATOS Reading Level: 4.1; Reading Level: 4.5
Against the Boards is available in hardcover edition (9781550288650) at the paper edition price.

Price: $9.95

Rink Rivals, paper ed


Rink Rivals is a fast-paced sports novel by Métis author Jacqueline Guest. When twin brothers Evan and Brynley Selkirk move with their family from the remote Cree community of Whapmagoostui to bustling Calgary, their worlds turn upside-down. In place of the grey, frigid waters of Hudson Bay, they see the downtown canyons of a modern city. Bryn, a musical prodigy, trades piano practice for hockey practice to impress a new girlfriend; Evan, the family hockey hero, starts running with a bad crowd and neglecting the game.

Price: $9.95

Oil King Courage, paper ed


Oil King Courage is part of the Orca Sport Series and is targeted for reluctant readers who require high interest and low vocabulary books. This hockey oriented title contains an exciting sports context as well as mystery and friendship themes. The two main characters include Edmonton Oil Kings popular player Reuben Reuben and his friend Gear. Reuben is from Inuvik and when a wealthy entrepreneur sponsors a three-on-three pond-hockey tour across the western Arctic the boys sign up for the challenge. Reading Level: 4.1; ATOS Reading Level: 4.3; Guided Reading Level: Y.

Price: $9.95

Soccer Star!, paper ed


Soccer Star by Métis author Jacqueline Guest is a title in the Lorimer series, Sports Stories. Samantha Aqsarniq Keyes is used to a life on the move. Her military family has been transferred across Canada, and she's grown up with stories of her Inuit ancestors exploring the far north. For Sam, soccer has been the one constant in her life. But now that she's thirteen, her home base isn't the only thing that's changing. Sam longs to show up Carly, her school's reigning soccer star, but Sam's new interest in theater is taking up a lot of time.

Price: $9.95

Roughing, paper ed


Josh Watson must decide what to do when some of the other players on his hockey team try to play a dangerous prank on a fellow teammate. Josh has been selected to attend an elite summer hockey camp. Here he rooms with Peter Kuiksak, a likeable and talented youth from the Northwest Territories. Josh is trying hard to conceal his diabetes at the same time fitting in with the boys. When he learns about a cruel hazing of his roommate Josh must decide what he should do. An action-filled sports novel with an ethical twist. Reading Level: 4.2; ATOS Reading Level: 4.2

Price: $9.95

Fighting Spirit: On the Field with Jim Thorpe, hardcover ed


Fighting Spirit: On the Field with Jim Thorpe is a part graphic novel and part historical fiction title in the Graphic Flash Series published by Stone Arch Books. In this 55-page narrative, the focus is on a fifteen-year-old Native American youth named Howard Tucker whose all-time favourite sports hero is Jim Thorpe. Howard attends the boarding school for Indians, Haskell Indian School, and the book is set in 1920. Howard is academically inclined but loves sports and wants to participate in team sports at the boarding school also known as a residential school.

Price: $0.00

Louis Sockalexis: Native American Baseball Pioneer, paper ed


Louis Sockalexis: Native American Baseball Pioneer is a recent picture book that acknowledges the achievements of Louis Sockalexis, the first Native American professional baseball player in the United States. Louis was a Penobscot boy growing up on the reservation in Maine and by the time he was twelve years old in 1884 he knew he wanted to play baseball. Playing only with other children from the other side of the river brought Louis into world of sports in the United States.

Price: $13.94

They Call Me Chief: Warriors on Ice, paper ed


They Call Me Chief: Warriors on Ice is a celebration of the history of First Nations, Métis and Inuit men who have played or coached hockey at the highest levels.  Players such as Fred Sasakamoose, George Armstrong, Jim Neilson, Reggie Leach, Stan Jonathan, Bryan Trottier, Ted Nolan, Gino Odjick, Theoren Fleury, John Cabot, and Jordan Tootoo are profiled in the book.

Price: $27.95

I Want to be in the Show, paper ed


I Want to be in the Show, written by two Métis/Algonquin women, is a story that celebrates the determination of a young Algonquin boy as he struggles to play his favourite winter sport despite his disability. Tristan is born with a birth defect but his parents love the boy and believe in their child's abilities. As he grows Tristan becomes a hockey fan and more importantly he dreams of being a hockey player with the NHL. The doctors told Tristan's parents that the boy's foot could be straightened but he required surgery at a Montreal hospital.

Price: $10.95