Dreamstones, paper ed


Dreamstones is a children's picture about the traditional Inuit stone landmarks called inukshuks. In this story, the son of a ship's captain leaves the safety of the ship to explore the surrounding Arctic landscape. Set in the time period when ships travelled from England into the Canadian Arctic, the story is told from the point of view of the young English boy. When the ship becomes icebound, the boy must entertain himself over the winter. On night he goes off the ship to explore the area. The story then takes a magical turn when the boy becomes lost in the winter night.

Price: $9.95

Chuck in the City, new edition, paper ed


Chuck in the City is the newly revised edition of a charming children's story about a young boy named Chuck who goes on an unaccompanied walk when he visits his Kookum (grandmother) in the city. This first visit to the city turns into an adventure. On his walk Chuck encounters barking dogs, kids on roller blades, and tall office towers. He finally realizes that he is lost and very hungry. Trying not to panic he manages to find his way back to his grandmother's condo. This is Jordan Wheeler's second book for children.

Price: $10.95

Where Did You Get Your Moccasins?, paper ed


Where Did You Get Your Moccasins? is a wonderful picture book well suited for reading aloud to preschool and kindergarten children. The story focuses on a young boy who brings a pair of moccasins to school for show and tell. He explains step by step how his Kookum, his grandmother, made the moccasins. The sensitive black and white pencil drawings reflect the author's and illustrator's respect for the First Nation child in a multi-cultural, urban school setting.

Price: $12.00