Wild Animals!


Meet some of the most exotic, colorful creatures in the world. From Australia’s koala to South America’s spectacled bear and Africa’s lion. Illustrated in brilliant colors, each image evokes the power of these wonderful animals, and brief informative text will capture the imagination of young children. Eduardo Bustos’ Wild Animals! is the perfect introduction to our world’s vast animal kingdom.


Price: $14.99

Green Movement


Includes bibliographical references (pages 104-109) and index. Explores the history of the green movement in the United States.

Lexile Measure: 1050


Price: $37.50

Whoosh! A Watery World of Wonderful Creatures


A wonderful, whimsical exploration of various animals in the water and the ways in which children can, and do, mimic them, Whoosh! gets young readers thinking and moving. Each spread features an animal in a watery scene opposite a child mimicking the animal's activity in some way. From splashing like a dolphin to fishing like a heron, from snoozing like an alligator to hiding like a clownfish, the echoing images bring to life the real ways that animals behave — and reveal how there's a little bit of animal in all of us.

Price: $17.95

Run, Dog!


Wherever a buoyant red ball goes, a dog follows close behind, running, jumping, and wreaking delightful havoc in its wake! Turn the distinctive pages to discover what happens as the ball and the dog enter each new scene. Children and adults alike will be amused by this simple story featuring easy-to-learn action words.

Price: $19.99

Machines on a Construction Site


Includes bibliographical references (page 24) and index.;Why do we have machines on a construction site? -- Which machines help to knock things down? -- How do machines get the ground ready for building? -- Which machines carry rocks, soil, and sand around? -- How useful is a digger machine? -- Can diggers do other jobs? -- What is a backhoe loader? -- Which machines are used to reach high places? -- What does this machine do? Simple text and photographs introduce readers to machines that are used in construction

Price: $7.95

Stripes of All types


In Stripes of All Types, author and illustrator Susan Stockdale brings to life a patterned parade of animals, showing young readers some of the many reasons stripes are found so often in nature. Bouncy, alliterative rhyme and simple phrases keep readers entertained, while a glossary at the back provides more in-depth information on each featured animal.

Includes an after word with a brief description of each animal and a matching game.

Price: $18.95

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear School Day Math


Teddy bears hop, skip, and jump their way through a school day in this companion book to the popular Teddy Bear Counting and Teddy Bear Math. This time, a catchy jump-rope rhyme has kids wiggling and giggling as they do math. Skills review is fun when teddies are on the move!***********NOTE: 40% OFF PRICE SHOWN WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*********

Price: $9.95

Sir Cumference and the Viking's Map


Xaxon Yellowbeard was the fiercest Viking warrior of his time. Now a map to his hidden treasure lies in Radius and Per's hands. Together the cousins must decode the strange numbered grid on the map|and figure out the secret of the Viking's X and Y axes. Full color.
Cousins Radius and Per must decode a numbered grid on a map to figure out the secret of the Viking's X and Y axes.

Price: $9.95

Mr Badger and Mrs. Fox What a Team


Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox supervise while the kids have a boat race in the stream. Everyone has a different idea for how to build the fastest boat. Ginger wants to build a sailboat, so they don't have to row so much. Bristle and Grub think a kayak will be more fun. Everyone wants to be in charge, except badger baby sister Berry, who teams up happily with their otter and ferret friends. and the race is on! It turns out there's good in everybody's ideas|and it takes teamwork to build the best boat of all.

Price: $7.95