When Clay Sings, paper ed


When Clay Sings is a picture book that is really a basic introduction to archaeology. Pieces of broken pots are scattered over the desert hillsides of the Southwest. The map included in this picture book indicates the four ancient cultures are the Anasazi, the Hohokam, the Mimbres, and the Mogollon. Author Byrd Baylor explains that each pottery shard tells a story and contains the spirit of the traditional potter who created it.

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Un Cantique Autochtone (An Aboriginal Carol), hardcover ed


Un Cantique Autochtone is the French edition of An Aboriginal Carol, a recent release from Red Deer Press that truly represents the collaboration of Métis author David Bouchard, Inuit musician Susan Aglukark, and Ojibwe artist Moses Beaver. Each artist brings their unique talents to a newly revised version of the Huron Carol. Based on the original Jesus ahatonhia written by Jean de Brebeuf, this picture book contains a CD with the readings of the carol in English and Inuktitut as well as the song performed in Inuktitut by Susan Aglukark.

Price: $24.95

Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet: Native American Poems of the Land, The, paper ed


The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet: Native American Poems of the Land by Abenaki writer Joseph Bruchac retells ten verses about the star constellation known as the Great Bear or Big Dipper. Set long ago in a Mohawk village, the first page introduces readers to a grandchild and her grandmother working outside the family's longhouse at dusk. The little girl wants to go inside to the safety of the longhouse but grandmother tells the girl that if they wait a bit longer they will see the Sky Bear or Celestial Bear in the night sky. Bruchac weaves 10 different tribal songs into poetic verse.

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Raven Tells Stories: An Anthology of Alaskan Native Writing, paper ed


Raven Tells Stories: An Anthology of Alaskan Native Writing is a collection of poetry, essays, plays, and short stories by 23 Indigenous  Alaskan writers This anthology of Indigenous writers from Alaska helps map the rich and unique identity of the Alaskan people. Included in the book are biographies of the selected writers and bibliographies of their books. The authors include Diane E. Benson, Fred Bigjim, Robert H. Davis, Mary Lockwood, Yvone Mozee, Glen Simson, and Mary TallMountain.

Price: $20.95

New Voices From the Longhouse: An Anthology of Contemporary Iroquois Writing, paper ed


New Voices From the Longhouse: An Anthology of Contemporary Iroquois Writing contains the poetry, short stories, essays by 30 Six Nations Iroquois writers. Published in 1989 by Joseph Bruchac's Greenfield Review, this collection stands the test of time and remains important and relevant. It is a remarkable collection of writing by various Six Nations Iroquois men and women, who live on reserves in Canadian and US reservations as well as Canadian and American cities. They express their deep love and respect for Iroquois traditional culture and history and comment on the contemporary world.

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Dancing Teepees: Poems of American Indian Youth, hardcover ed


Dancing Teepees: Poems of American Indian Youth is a collection of 19 poems or quotes from Native American sayings, songs, and stories organized by Rosebud Sioux writer Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. While many of the selections are English translations from the Bureau of American Ethnology Reports, Sneve has also included four of her poems in this simple anthology for children. The colour drawings with Plains and Southwest designs and images compliment the selections. This is a good resource for teachers introducing poetry with First Nations themes to elementary students.

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Northern Voices: Inuit Writing in English, reprint, paper ed


Northern Voices: Inuit Writing in English's first section includes traditional legends, narratives, folk history told by story-tellers, and poetry sung by Inuit composers. The second presents statements and observations by some of the first Inuit to come into contact with European newcomers, including official reports, interviews, letters, and diaries. Next are early poetry and prose in translation, much of it autobiographical. The final section includes contemporary Inuit writing, from essays and speeches to fiction, poetry, and other genres of imaginative literature.

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Rising Voices: Writings of Young Native Americans, paper ed


Rising Voices: Writing of Young Native Americans is a collection of poems and short essays written by 63 Native American students from grade 3 to senior high school. The collected works were selected from previously published anthologies, student publications, and newsletters. The editors have organized the pieces into several themes including Identity, Family, Homelands, Ritual and Ceremony, Education, and Harsh Realities. Each selection is clearly identified with the student's name, their tribal affiliation, and grade level.

Price: $10.99

Returning the Gift: Poetry and Prose from the First North American Native Writers' Festival, paper ed


Returning the Gift: Poetry and Prose from the First North American Native Writers' Festival held in 1992 was an unprecedented gathering and celebration of Indigenous authors. Co-organizer invited each of the 300 writers to submit an original piece for inclusion in this anthology. He selected the best of the 200 plus submissions for this collection. Included in this 369-page volume are works by well established authors such as established writers like Duane Niatum, Simon Ortiz, Lance Henson, Elizabeth Woody, Linda Hogan, and Jeanette Armstrong.

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