Lines from a Mined Mind: The Words of John Trudell, paper ed


Lines from a Mined Mind brings together lyrics and musings from the twenty-five-year recording career of John Trudell, an internationally acclaimed poet, musician, and leader of the American Indian Movement. More than a simple anthology, this collection goes deeper, revealing the incendiary intersection of music and activism.

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Drum Calls Softly, The, hardcover ed


The Drum Calls Softly is Métis writer David Bouchard's picture book co-written with educator Shelley Willier and illustrated by Jim Poitras. The story is told in rhyming verse as the narrator celebrates with others the joy of the round dance and the music of the drum. This bilingual Cree and English book offers readers insight into the cultural understanding of First Nations by drawing them into the circle. They explore the seasons, the life cycle, cultural values, and making new friends. The 32-page book is illustrated with colour paintings of the dance by Jim Poitras.

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Talking with Mother Earth (Hablando con Madre Tierra), hardcover ed


Talking with Mother Earth (Hablando con Madre Tierra) is a bilingual (Spanish and English) picture book that celebrates the Indigenous People of Central America and their appreciation for the land and all creation. The poems in the book are told by the Pipil Nahua Indian author, Jorge Argueta, as a young boy growing up in El Salvador. As a boy he has two names, Tetl (Nahual) and Jorge (Spanish). The spiritual connection to Mother Earth transcends all Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and that thankfulness is clearly expressed in the poems.

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Aleutian Sparrow, reprint, paper ed


In free verse, author Karen Hesse tells of Vera and other Aleuts who are moved to Ketchikan in 1942 when the Japanese invade the Aleutian Islands. Many Aleuts die of illness, but Vera knows she will see her beloved island again. The people known as Aleuts were removed from their island homes following the June 1942 attack by the Japanese during World War Two. The story tells the tragic experiences of Vera and her family and friends as they struggle to retain their culture and family ties during this disruptive period of relocation.

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Broad Winged Hawk: A Book of Poetry and Short Stories, paper ed


Broad Winged Hawk: A Book of Poetry and Short Stories is a collection of short stories, editorials, and poems by Kitigan Zibi Algonquin writer Albert Dumont. The book is organized into themes that focus on personal healing issues as well as the seasons, residential schools, honouring veterans, challenging racism, respect, women, and love. Of particular note is a short drama called The Canoe where a mean-spirited teacher challenges the First Nation boy's identity and attempts to humiliate him in a classroom of non-Native students.

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Powwow's Coming, hardcover ed


Powwow's Coming is a celebration of the contemporary powwow in picture book format. Teacher Linda Boyden provides a rhyming verse to attract young children to the fun one can enjoy at a powwow. Boyden skillfully takes the main points of a powwow and creates anticipation in the charming verse. She invites children to listen for the drum and then to watch as the powwow grounds are set up with the vendors' booths. The cut-paper collage illustrations on each page with the accompanying text provide children with an understanding of the contemporary event.

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Welcome Song for Baby: A Lullaby for Newborns, board book


Welcome Song for Baby: A Lullaby for Newborns by Tlicho (Dogrib) writer Richard Van Camp offers new parents a charming board book for baby. This lyrical poem offers a gentle song to read aloud to baby. The 24-page board book contains stunning and evocative photographs of newborns and infants with their parents. The photos show multicultural parents and children which will appeal to everyone. This book is selected as a recommended title in the 2009 First Nations Libraries Community Reads program.

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Nokum Ma Voix Et Mon Coeur (Nokum is My Teacher, French), hardcover ed


Nokum Ma Voix Et Mon Coeur is the French language edition of Nokum is My Teacher by David Bouchard. Nokum is My Teacher is a picture book that effectively explains about teachings from grandmother, Nokum, told in French and Cree. Allen Sapp's remarkable oil paintings illustrate this sensitive book about the importance of Elders. Grandson asks his grandmother about the importance of attending school and learning how to read. Grandmother provides gentle teachings about respect for the culture of the Cree and advises the boy about understanding the world around him as well as his community.

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Enduring Wisdom: Sayings from Native Americans, hardcover ed


Enduring Wisdom: Sayings from Native Americans is a collection of quotes from historic and contemporary Aboriginal People by children's author Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. The quotes are organized into themes such as Mother Earth, The People, War and Peace, Spirit Life, and Enduring Wisdom. Whether it is a brief quote from a Dakota high school student from 1996 or an excerpt from Pontiac's 1760 speech about the Creator, the selections speak to readers through their passionate oratory.

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