History of the Ojibwe People: Ojibwe Culture and Literacy Exercise Workbook, A, paper ed, OUT OF PRINT


A History of the Ojibwe People: Ojibwe Culture and Literacy Exercise Workbook was developed by United Native Friendship Centre Literacy Program and published by Ningwakwe Learning Press to provide adult literacy learners with information about the cultural history of the Ojibwe of Northern Ontario. This 34-page book provides basic information about the people of the Rainy River district of Treaty #3. The sections contain information about recipes, Ojibwe words and stories, clothing, transportation, homes, spirituality, and the yearly cycle of activity.

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Thousand Supperless Babes: The Story of the Metis, A, paper ed


A Thousand Supperless Babes: The Story of the Métis is a dramatic play created by Lon Borgerson and the students attending the SUNTEP at the University of Saskatchewan. This work-in-progress tells the history of the Métis through story, song and dance. The 40-page book provides the script and background information as well as production photographs and cast lists from previous productions. The script and musical score are also provided on the accompanying CD. The music sung by Andrea Menard is also on the CD.

Price: $10.00

Do All Indians Live in Tipis?: Questions and Answers from the National Museum of the American Indian, second edition, paper ed


Do All Indians Live in Tipis?: Questions and Answers from the National Museum of the American Indian is co-published by the National Museum of the American Indian and Harper Collins Publishers. This resource guide offers answers to the most commonly asked questions about Native Americans by visitors to the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. Native American staff at the museum offer thoughtful, concise answers to 100 questions about American Indians in the United States.

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Native Women of Courage for Young Readers, paper ed


Native Women of Courage for Young Readers is a collection of brief biographical sketches of ten outstanding First Nations women. Métis author Kelly Fournel celebrates the lives of Winona LaDuke, Sarah Winnemucca, Maria Tallchief, Mary Kim Titla, Sandra Lovelace Nicholas, Susan Aglukark, Wilma Mankiller, Suzanne Rochon-Burnett, Lorna B. Williams, and Pauline Johnson. Each biography includes information about how each woman overcame difficult circumstances to achieve success in her field of endeavor.

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Native Athletes in Action, paper ed LIMITED QUANTITY


Native Athletes in Action is one of the titles in Seventh Generation Book's Native Trailblazer Series. This title contains brief biographical sketches of 13 outstanding male and female athletes from Canada and the United States. Each athlete has achieved success in their chosen sport. The book, authored by long-distance runner Vincent Schilling, celebrates the lives of Jordin Tootoo, Cheri Becerra-Madsen, Alwyn Morris, Stephanie Murata, Cory Witherill, Ross Anderson, Richard Dionne, Mike Edwards, Shelly Hruska, Beau Kemp, Naomi Lang, Jim Thorpe, and Delby Powless.

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When the Spirits Dance: A Cree Boy's Search For the Meaning of War, paper ed


When the Spirits Dance by award-winning authors Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden is a recent children's book about a Cree family during the Second World War. Larry Loyie grew up with his extended family in Rabbit Hill in northern Alberta. In 1941 when Larry was eight, the family's traditional lifestyle was interrupted as the need for an increased Canadian war effort reached Slave Lake in Alberta. The Loyie family was faced with the need for all able-bodied men to enlist in Canada's army.

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Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography, paper ed


Graphic novel about the historical events surrounding the life and times of Metis leader Louis Riel who took on the Canadian government, the Queen, and the military. His role in Canadian history is controversial and some view him as a hero while others see him as a murdering madman. This book is an excellent way to present Canadian history to grades 9 and up.

Price: $17.95

Good Path: Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book for Kids, The, paper ed


The Good Path: Ojibwe Learning and Activity Book for Kids is an excellent teaching resource about Ojibwe history and culture. Organized around the traditional values that form Ojibwe ways of thinking, living and being, the nine chapters take readers from the time of creation to the present day. The chapters discuss the Creator's vision of the earth, the Grandfathers, Grandmother Moon, the prophecies, the westward migration, the time of the fur trade, treaties and reservations, the time of the Sixth Fire, and the Seventh Generation.

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Sweetgrass Basket, hardcover ed


Sweetgrass Basket is a free verse novel told in the alternating voices of two Mohawk sisters from Akwesasne who attend Carlisle Indian School at the turn of the century. After their mother's death, Mattie and Sarah Tarbell are sent to residential school in the United States because their father believes it will prove beneficial. The sisters find harsh discipline, bullying, and abuse during their time at the school. In fact one sister is blamed for a theft she did not commit.

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Treaty Promises, Indian Reality: Life on a Reserve, paper ed


Treaty Promises, Indian Reality: Life on a Reserve is a story of triumph over adversity and oppression. In this very personal account of life on an Indian reserve and in residential schools, Harold LeRat, with the assistance of writer Linda Ungar, relates the history of the Cowessess people based on stories told by Elders, research he did in connection with the land surrender, and his own recollections. In many ways, this book provides a look at the Indian reality of the lives of many First Nations peoples and the development of reserves on the Prairies.

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