Our Knowledge Canoe, paper ed


Our Knowledge Canoe is an illustrated, self-published book by Algonquin/Métis master craftsman Marcel Labelle. Taking traditional knowledge from his ancestors Marcel Labelle explains the importance of a birch bark canoe and the knowledge and expertise required for its construction. Step-by-step colour photographs assist the reader in understanding the raw materials of cedar and birch and how to select the most appropriate resources.

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Lacrosse: The Ancient Game, paper ed OUT OF STOCK


Lacrosse: The Ancient Game is a 95-page coffee-table style book written by Jim Calder, Ron Fletcher, and Delmor Jacobs with illustrations by David Craig and Arnold Jacobs about the game of lacrosse. The book is organized into three sections with the first section explaining the historical and cultural teachings of the game according to Delmor Jacobs, Cayuga Faithkeeper, Six Nations of the Grand River.

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Pegahmagabow: Life-Long Warrior, paper ed


Pegahmagabow: Life-Long Warrior by journalist and historian Adrian Hayes details the life and times of Ojibwe leader and veteran Frances Pegahmagabow (1889-1952). Using personal interviews with friend, family members alongside the archival record, the author explores the early years, wartime exploits, and political activism of this renowned Ojibwe veteran and leader. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in World War I. On the battlefields of France and Belgium he distinguished himself by winning three decorations for bravery, more than any other Canadian First Nation soldier.

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Environmentalists from our First Nations, paper ed


Environmentalists from our First Nations is the 2011 release in the series, First Nations Series for Young Readers from Second Story Press. All books in this series feature brief biography pieces about several First Nation and Native American people who show leadership in their chosen field. In this book, the author Vincent Schilling has selected eleven individuals from the USA and Canada who work for the betterment of Mother Earth and her peoples in the field of environmental science.

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Aboriginal Peoples in Canada Teacher Resource, binder & CD-ROM


Aboriginal Peoples in Canada Teacher Resource binder and CD-ROM supports the student edition Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and was co-published by GoodMinds.com and Pearson Education. The 2011 textbook is written for the Ontario Ministry of Education's Native Studies Grade 10 course (NAC20). Teacher Guide authors included: Jenise Boland, Margaret Wells, Marlene Finn Wolfman, Cathy Fraccaro, Suzanne K. Keeptwo, Suzanne Methot, Nancy Peters, and Patti Whiteye.

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Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, hardcover ed


Aboriginal Peoples in Canada is the 2011 textbook written for the Ontario Ministry of Education's Native Studies Grade 10 course (NAC20). Co-published by Pearson Education Canada and GoodMinds.com, this student text utilized a collaborative process involving First Nations, Inuit, Métis and non-Aboriginal teachers, cultural consultants, advisors, language consultants, artists, editors, and writers. Senior writer is Kevin Reed, and the author team includes Mary Joy Elijah, Keith Lickers, Neal McLeod, and Natasha Beeds.

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We Are All Treaty People, paper ed


We Are All Treaty People is the 34-page illustrated history produced by the Union of Ontario Indians to promote their understanding of treaties for all people in Ontario. Written by Maurice Switzer, with coloured drawings by Charley Herbert, the book offers students and educators a brief look at the history of treaties from the Anishinabek perspective. The Anishinabek Nation includes Algonquin, Delaware (Lenape), Mississauga, Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi. The book begins with a brief overview of Anishinabek cultural history and worldview.

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Are You Ready to Mind Your Own Business?, spiral bound, LIMITED QUANTITIES


Are You Ready to Mind Your Own Business? is a 137-page manual designed to assist Aboriginal individuals interested in starting a home-based business. Mohawk entrepreneur Narda Iulug used her own background knowledge and experience in developing these worksheets and questions for thinking through the whole question of starting one's own business. Each topic is written in a conversational style that makes understanding the content painless. The author provides specific questions for each topic that walks the budding entrepreneur through the areas of study.

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7 Generations: The Pact, volume 4, paper ed


The graphic novel 7 Generations Stone by David Alexander Robertson and illustrator Scott B. Henderson introduces the first volume in a series of four novels. The Pact concludes the graphic novel series 7 Generations. It follows one Aboriginal family from the early 19th century to the present day and tells a story of redemption as residential school survivor James and his son, Edwin, reconcile their past and begin a new journey.

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Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont, hardcover ed


Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont is part of the Extraordinary Canadians Series and is written by noted author Joseph Boyden. The hardcover edition is brief and reads much like a novel and is suitable for secondary school students as well as the general public. John Ralston Saul provides the introduction. Chronologies for the lives of Riel and Dumont are included. A First Nation Communities Read 2012 title.

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