Misaabe's Stories: A Story of Honesty, paper ed


Misaabe's Stories: A Story of Honesty explores the meaning of one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings through the imagination and storytelling of a young boy named Misaabe. This Ojibwe boy is always telling creative stories about trolls, and x-ray glasses, and secret agents, and his super-exciting life. He tries to convince his classmates that these tales are totally true. One day the outrageous tales catch up to Misaabe when his mom comes to school to speak to the teacher. She helps this imaginative boy continue his storytelling and always use his gift with honesty.

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This Land is My Land, paper ed


This Land Is My Land is the award-winning book written and illustrated by Plains Cree artist George Littlechild. This internationally known artist combines compelling text with a series of powerful images he created to explain the importance of his family's history. His goal is to heighten awareness of the history and experiences of the Plains Cree in Canada. By focusing on his personal family history, the artist succeeds in expressing the pain and joy of his healing journey. In this book the reader begins to understand the struggle of First Nations and the beauty of their cultures.

Price: $16.73

Nala's Magical Mitsiaq: A Story of Inuit Adoption, paper ed


Nala's Magical Mitsiaq: A Story of Inuit Adoption published by Inhabit Media about the concept known as Inuit adoption. Adoption among Inuit families is a unique and age-old practice that sees families within Nunavut placing children with adoptive parents in the community. This tradition remains a celebrated part of Inuit culture and identity to this day. Nala’s Magical Mitsiaq tells the story of how Nala and Qiatsuk became sisters through Inuit custom adoption.

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Une Promesse C'est Une Promesse, paper ed (A Promise is a Promise)


Une Promesse C'est Une Promesse is the 2014 French edition of Michael Kusugak's and Robert Munsch's classic children's book, A Promise is a Promise. In this story Michael Kusugak and Robert Munsch collaborate by taking the mythical characters that live in the sea ice, the Qallupilluit, and create an adventure story about a young Inuit girl. Allashua does not listen to her mother's warnings about Qallupilluit. She convinces herself that these creatures, which are similar to trolls, are just stories her mother uses as a warning to keep away from the dangerous sea ice.

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Etrangere chez moi (A Stranger at Home), paper ed


Etrangere chez moi is the French language edition of A Stranger at Home: A True Story. This book is the sequel to the novel Les Bas du pensionnat (Fatty Legs) by Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton. This 124-illustrated chapter book joins Margaret upon her return to her family from spending two years at residential school. Margaret is full of anticipation and joy but suddenly comes to grips with the fact that her mother no longer recognizes her ten-year old daughter with short hair and looking taller and thinner.

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Les Bas du pensionnat (Fatty Legs), pb- Out of Stock Indefinitely


Les Bas du pensionnat is the French language edition of Fatty Legs: A True Story. Les Bas du pensionnat recounts the life of an eight-year-old Banks Island Inuvialuit girl who attended Residential School. Olemaun Pokiak, later called Margaret, tells her story in this memoir. In the introduction she explains the book's title, Les Bas du pensionnat or Fatty Legs, is the result of her destruction of the dreaded red-coloured stockings a nun forced her to wear at residential school.

Price: $16.99

Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven Audio, CD


Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven Audio CD from Chad Solomon's Little Spirit Bear Publications. The audio CD contains the seven picture books in the series Sacred Seven. Each book is based on one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings: Courage, Honesty, Humility, Love, Respect, Truth, and Wisdom.  Each of the books features a respected animal or creature such as Buffalo (Bishikee, Respect), Mouse Waawaabigoonoojii, Humility), Eagle (Migizi, Love), Big Foot (Kitchi-Sabe, Honesty), Turtle (Mizheekay, Truth), Beaver (Ahmik, Wisdom), and Bear (Mukwa, Courage).

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Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven Ojibwe & English (set of 7 books), paper ed


Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven Ojibwe & English (set of 7 books and audio CDs): Waaboos Miinawaa Mkwa Zidens is the Ojibwe and English edition of Rabbit and Bear Paws Sacred Seven series of 7 titles from Little Spirit Bear Productions. Author and illustrator Chad Solomon and educator Tanya Leary have combined their talents to create this bilingual series. The Ojibwe translation appears in black font beneath the blue font English text. Ojibwe translation is provided by James Shawana.

Price: $140.00

Str8up and Gangs: The Untold Stories, paper ed


Str8up and Gangs: The Untold Stories is an anthology of writings by thirteen former gang members from Saskatchewan. This collection of poetry, prose, lyrics, and illustrations offers readers a look at the pain, frustrations, violence, dysfunction and hopelessness many street youth face when they to turn to the gang lifestyle. These former gang members all joined the Str8up program - a four year program which supports individuals who are looking to exit the gang lifestyle.

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Nipin and the Rocks, paper ed


Nipin and the Rocks is based on the bedtime story told by Métis author Victoria Bouvier to her young son. Storytelling rocks are important pieces of a traditional First Nation culture. These old ones carry the history and knowledge of the people. They carry the stories. Nipin and the Rocks is one of the stories. Long ago a Cree grandfather called Mosom was the keeper of the storytelling rocks. Each rock represented a particular story handed down to him by his Elder. During the telling of the creation story a young boy called Nipin sat in the circle with Mosom and others.

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