Fatty Legs: A True Story, paper ed


Fatty Legs: A True Story is a recounting of the life of an eight-year-old Banks Island Inuvialuit girl who attended Residential School. Olemaun Pokiak, later called Margaret, tells her story in this memoir. In the introduction she explains the book's title, Fatty Legs, is the result of her destruction of the dreaded red-coloured stockings a nun forced her to wear at residential school. The picture book tells about her life before residential school, how she travelled five days to attend the school, and her life at the school.

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Girl Who Helped Thunder and Other Native American Folktales, The, hardcover ed


The Girl Who Helped Thunder and Other Native American Folktales is a collection of traditional stories and legends retold by Joseph and James Bruchac. The authors and storytellers have selected twenty-four appropriate legends and organized them into cultural regions such as the Northeast, the Arctic, and the Great Plains. Each cultural region has a one page description of the region's peoples, geography, and cultural lifestyles.

Price: $23.00

Dream Catcher, paper ed


IN REPRINT  Dream Catcher is a 92-page chapter book about a young Cree girl overcoming her fearful dreams with the guidance and knowledge of her Kohkom and an Elder. Marin frequently wakes up screaming during the night and her mother is concerned. Marin recounts a frightening dream that involves a spider and First Nation people from the distant past. Her mother consults Kohkom and the two help Marin prepare for a visit with Elder Muskwa. Marin is fearful of recounting her dream to a stranger but with her grandmother's gentle guidance Marin prepares a gift for the visit with the Elder.

Price: $14.95

Triple Threat, paper ed


Triple Threat by Jacqueline Guest features a basketball theme along side a blended family, and the sport of wheelchair basketball. The main character is Matt Eagletail, a 13-year-old First Nation boy, who lives in Calgary with his mother, and stepfather, who is white, and his five stepsisters. Matt spends his time on the court and online with his friend Free Throw, who is a wheelchair athlete who coaches basketball. The pair meets one summer and together they build a basketball team of neighbourhood boys and girls.

Price: $12.95

Rookie Season, paper ed


Leigh Aberdeen, excited by the prospect of winning the hockey championship with a new all-girls team, is furious when the coach adds a know-it-all boy to the line-up, and things get worse when her best friend, the team goalie, starts skipping practice. Reading Level: 5.2; ATOS Reading Level: 5.2

Price: $8.95

Rink Rivals, paper ed


Rink Rivals is a fast-paced sports novel by Métis author Jacqueline Guest. When twin brothers Evan and Brynley Selkirk move with their family from the remote Cree community of Whapmagoostui to bustling Calgary, their worlds turn upside-down. In place of the grey, frigid waters of Hudson Bay, they see the downtown canyons of a modern city. Bryn, a musical prodigy, trades piano practice for hockey practice to impress a new girlfriend; Evan, the family hockey hero, starts running with a bad crowd and neglecting the game.

Price: $9.95

Middle of Everywhere, The, paper ed


The Middle of Everywhere is a powerful novel told in first-person narrative about a reluctant 15-year-old youth visiting his estranged father who is a respected teacher in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Quebec. Noah is nervous to visit his father in the far and desolate north because he really does not know his father and Noah really wants to remain living in Montreal with his mom and be close to all his school friends. But Noah's eyes are opened when he arrives in the small Inuit community. The first day he goes for a jog but his new-found pet dog is hit by a truck.

Price: $12.95

Lacey and the African Grandmothers, paper ed


Lacey and the African Grandmothers is one of the titles in the Kids Power Series from Second Story Press. The author Sue Farrell Holler has adapted a true event into a fictionalized chapter book format. The story shows how one individual twelve-year-old Blackfoot girl can make a difference in the lives of African grandmothers who are caring for their orphaned grandchildren. Lacey tells the story from her perspective as a girl living on a First Nation reserve outside of Calgary where she is bussed to an off-reserve school.

Price: $17.95

Bannock Book, The, 2nd printing, paper ed


The Bannock Book is a 32-page children's picture book written and illustrated by Reading Recovery teacher Linda Ducharme. The author tells the story of a young girl as she assists her mother with making a healthy bannock for her grandfather, called Pepere. The family is Métis and the author introduces a few Michif terms. The procedure for making bannock is described in simple sentences. The granddaughter assists by measuring the whole wheat flour and other dry ingredients. She also makes several small-size bannocks for herself and shapes them just like her mother.

Price: $10.95

Porcupine Year, The, hardcover ed


The Porcupine Year is the third children's novel in Ojibwe writer Louise Erdrich's series about the life of a 19th-century Ojibwe family set on Madeline Island in Lake Superior. This story is set in 1852 and the lead character, Omakayas, is twelve-years-old as her family is forced to move from their beloved land because of the demands by the chimookomanag, the white people, who are moving closer to the people every year. The family decides to travel north to meet up with a sister's family.

Price: $21.00