How I Am Feeling, Level 5, paper ed


How Am I Feeling is a Level 5 reader in the Nunavummi Reading Series from Inhabit Education. This is a unique Nunavut-made levelled reading series that aligns the reading expectations of the Inuit language, English, and French. The reading series corresponds closely to the reading levels and expectations developed by the Department of Education in Nunavut. This approach to literacy provides educators and parents the tools they need to ensure that children are equally challenged and successful in all the languages represented in Nunavut.

Price: $7.95

Emotional Wellness: Mary's Story, paper ed, LIMITED QUANTITIES


Emotional Wellness: Mary's Story is part of the Ningwakwe's Healthy Life Series written by Dr. George Renfrey. This 28-page literacy reader is designed for the LBS Level 3 and tells the personal story of an Ojibwe woman who must deal with mounting stress in her personal and work life in order to avoid depression. Written by Dr.

Price: $16.95