Gambling on Authenticity: Gaming, The Noble Savage, and the Not-So New Indian, paper ed


Gambling on Authenticity: Gaming, The Noble Savage, and the Not-So New Indian is a collection of seven essays edited by Julie Pelletier and Becca Gercken in this 2017 volume from the University of Manitoba Press. Rather than focus on economic development and politics, the editors turn their attention to Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars who write about the gaming and casino impact on First Nations arts, literature and scholarship.

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Indigenous Homelessness: Perspectives from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, paper ed


Indigenous Homelessness: Perspectives from Canada, New Zealand and Australia provides a comprehensive exploration of the Indigenous experience of homelessness. It testifies to ongoing cultural resilience and lays the groundwork for practices and policies designed to better address the conditions that lead to homelessness among Indigenous peoples. The 19 essays in this collection explore the meaning and scope of Indigenous homelessness in the Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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More Will Sing Their Way to Freedom: Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence, paper ed


More Will Sing Their Way to Freedom is about Indigenous resistance and resurgence across lands and waters claimed by Canada. Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors describe and analyze struggles against contemporary colonialism by the Canadian state and, more broadly, against the global colonial-capitalist system. Resistance includes Indigenous survival against centuries of genocidal policies and the on-going dispossession and destruction of Indigenous lands and waters.

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Aboriginal Knowledge for Economic Development, paper ed


Aboriginal Knowledge for Economic Development analyzes the benefits, practices and challenges of Mi’kmaw and Maliseet Language Immersion programs, illustrating how these programs provide a solid foundation of worldview, ethics, values and identities that are essential for improved academic success, and examines the Honouring Traditional Knowledge Project, a two-year project to seek Elders’ views on how to include them and traditional knowledge in all aspects of community economic research and development.

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Home in the City: Urban Aboriginal Housing and Living Conditions, paper ed


Home on the City: Urban Aboriginal Housing and Living Conditions focuses on Saskatoon, which has both one of the highest proportions of Aboriginal residents in the country and the highest percentage of Aboriginal people living below the poverty line. While the book details negative aspects of urban Aboriginal life (such as persistent poverty, health problems, and racism), it also highlights many positive developments: the emergence of an Aboriginal middle class, inner-city renewal, innovative collaboration with municipal and community organizations, and more. Alan B.

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Stepping Up: A Personal Guide to Being an Involved Citizen in a First Nation Community, paper ed, LIMITED QUANTITIES


Stepping Up: A Personal Guide to Being an Involved Citizen in a First Nation Community is a 66-page introduction designed to assist First Nation individuals take interest in their communities written by Ojibwe author Jody Kechego. Kechego is from the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation and he writes about his personal experiences becoming involved in his community. He discusses how First Nation reserves are funded and how their infrastructure is organized.

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Visitors from the Four Directions: Indigenous Peoples in a Globalized World Kit


Visitors from the Four Directions: Indigenous Peoples in a Globalized World Kit was developed by the Gabriel Dumont Institute and SUNTEP (Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program). This resource was developed for the Grade 10 Saskatchewan curriculum as it related to Globalization and Development, Human Rights, and Indigenous Peoples. The kit consists of a text, Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World, and a CD-ROM. The text was published by Rethinking Schools Press, and was edited by Bill Bigelow and Bob Peterson.

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Little Caughnawaga: To Brooklyn and Back DVD (Home DVD Use Only)


Little Caughnawaga: To Brooklyn and Back DVD is written and directed by Reaghan Tarbell. Released in 2008 this National Film Board of Canada DVD explores the lives of Kahnawake Mohawk families who participated in the economic migration to New York City during the 1920s to present day. Women are the focus of this film as their lives were changed when their fathers and husbands sought work on high steel as ironworkers in New York. The families moved to a ten block corner of Brooklyn.

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Aboriginal Architecture, Living Architecture (Home Video Use Only) UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE Aboriginal Architecture, Living Architecture is a feature-length documentary directed by Cree filmmaker Paul Rickard. The video is a continent-wide exploration of the traditional and contemporary forms of architecture from seven distinct Aboriginal cultural traditions. The film begins at Acoma Pueblo and explores the 250 terraced dwellings of the oldest continually-occupied city in North America. A local architect, Brian Vallo, takes the viewer on a tour of ancient ruins of his ancestors located in Chaco Canyon.

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