Justice in Paradise, paper ed


Justice in Paradise explains the legal and philosophical position behind Bruce Clark's opposition to the Indian rights industry. He argues that the North American legal system causes the genocide of those Indigenous peoples who embrace traditional religion and identity and accuses those who administer it of chicanery and abandoning the rule of law. Smeared in the media for his beliefs and attacked from the bench - he has been called "a disgrace to the bar" by the Chief Justice of Canada's Supreme Court.

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Incorporating the Familiar: An Investigation into Legal Sensibilities in Nunavik, hardcover ed NOT ALWAYS STOCKED


NOT ALWAYS STOCKED This title is not always in stock: allow additional time for special order to arrive. Incorporating the Familiar: An Investigation into Legal Sensibilities in Nunavik focuses on the delivery of justice in Inuit communities in northern Quebec. The study investigates the complexities and contradictions of accommodation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal legal systems. Conflict between the two legal orders, Susan Drummond argues, is really more about incommensurability between underlying cultural codes.

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Justice for Natives: Searching for Common Ground, paper ed


Justice for Natives: Searching for Common Ground is a collection of thirty-five essays and stories. Justice for Natives came together around the Oka crisis between First Nations in Quebec and the government. Against the backdrop of this deep-rooted conflict, First Nations Elders and leaders, provincial and federal government representatives, leading academics, lawyers, and judges from across Canada and the United States joined to explore various aspects of Native peoples' struggle for justice and to search for solutions.

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