Ziiniyah: Hait'eego Naadaa Shonaozt'e' - Zinnia: How the Corn Was Saved, hardcover ed


Ziiniyah: Hait'eego Naadaa Shonaozt'e' - Zinnia: How the Corn Was Saved is the retelling of a Navajo legend published by Salina Bookshelf of Flagstaff, Arizona. This bilingual picture book tells the story of a youth named Red Bird who is sent on a quest to ask for the assistance of Spider Woman when the crops fail. Told in Navajo and English, the story is set in the Southwest long ago. The Navajo women had planted their crops of corns, squash, melons and beans but each time some catastrophe destroyed the plants.

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This Land Is My Land, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


This Land Is My Land is the award-winning book written and illustrated by Plains Cree artist George Littlechild. This internationally known artist combines compelling text with a series of powerful images he created to explain the importance of his family's history. His goal is to heighten awareness of the history and experiences of Native People of the Americas. By focusing on his personal family history, the artist succeeds in expressing the pain and joy of his healing journey.

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We Are the Many: A Picture Book of American Indians OUT OF PRINT


OUT OF PRINT This title is no longer available from the publisher. We Are the Many: A Picture Book of American Indians contains brief episodic portraits of sixteen significant Native Americans from history and contemporary times. Each biographical episode recounts an imaginary event in the life of the individual. The sketch attempts to bring the character to life but unfortunately limits the amount of factual information provided. For example, Molly Brant, a Mohawk woman during the American Revolution is pictured and described in a moment of opening the barred door of her home.

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Sacajawea: The Story of Bird Woman and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, paper ed


Sacajawea: The Story of Bird Woman and the Lewis and Clark Expedition is an engaging historical novel about the famous Shoshone teen who, at age sixteen, is asked to join Lewis and Clark in their expedition to explore the land from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean. As a translator, peacemaker, caretaker, and guide, this remarkable person makes this endeavour possible. Lexile Level: 840; Guided Reading Level: Y; DRA Level: 60

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Pocahontas, hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


Pocahontas by Abenaki author Joseph Bruchac presents in historical fiction format the two perspectives of the 1607 encounter between the Powhatan Nation and the English settlers in Jamestown, Virginia. Pre-teen Pocahontas begins the story with an explanation of her name as it is understood by her family and how the Coatmen (English) understand the meaning of her name. She describes her family and her culture. The next chapter is told from the perspective of John Smith. And so the novel proceeds with alternating voices about this historical period.

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Arrow Over the Door, The, paper ed


The Arrow Over the Door is a chapter book by Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac. In this historical novel, the author has taken historical facts from 1777 and woven an anti-war story that promotes the ideals of peace. Told from the alternating perspectives of an Abenaki youth and a Quaker youth, the story takes place in New York State during a summer encounter between the pacifist Quakers and an Abenaki scouting party. First the reader is introduced to fourteen-year-old Samuel, a Quaker teenager whose pacifist beliefs are being tested during a summer of discontent in America.

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Seneca Chief, Army General: A Story about Ely Parker, hardcover ed


Seneca Chief, Army General: A Story about Ely Parker is a 64-page biography of a Seneca man who lived from 1828 - 1895. Born into a Tonawanda Seneca family, Ely Parker grew up in this Iroquois community in New York State. His parents, William and Elizabeth Parker, sent the boy to a Baptist Church mission school so that Ely could learn English. His mother followed the teachings of her great-grandfather Handsome Lake who had encouraged some members of the Iroquois youth to learn about the white man's ways including speaking English.

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