Aboriginal Biographies: Artists, hardcover ed. OUT OF PRINT


Aboriginal Biographies: Artists is one of the 2013 titles in Weigl Educational Publishers series about outstanding First Nation, Inuit, and Métis artists. This title provides biographical details about the lives and careers of Christi Belcourt, Allen Sapp, Bill Reid, Norval Morrisseau, Alan Syliboy, and David Rueben Piqtoukun. This 32-page resource offers elementary students with an introduction to artists who have received Canadian and worldwide acclaim in their media.  Bill Reid is the well-known sculptor, goldsmith, and painter.

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Jordin Tootoo: the Highs and Lows in the Journey of the First Inuk to Play in the NHL, hardcover ed


Jordin Tootoo: the Highs and Lows in the Journey of the First Inuk to Play in the NHL is a young adult novel from the Record Books Series from James Lorimer Publishers. This high interest and low vocabulary title is aimed at reluctant teen readers whose reading is at a grades 3 and 4 level. Jordin Tootoo is the first Inuk to join a NHL hockey team. His brother's suicide is discussed as one of the challenges he has faced along with some of his successes as a young man and .a major hokey player.

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Chief: Mistahimaskwa, The, paper ed


The Chief: Mistahimaskwa (Big Bear) is one book in the Tales from Big Spirit series by David Alexander Robertson from Highwater Press. Tales from Big Spirit is a unique seven-book graphic novel series that delves into the stories of seven great Indigenous heroes from Canadian history—some already well known and others who deserve to be. Designed to correspond to grades 4–6 social studies curriculums across Canada, these full colour graphic novels could be used in literature circles, novel studies, and book clubs to facilitate discussion of social studies topics.

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Honouring the Buffalo: A Plains Cree Legend, paper ed


Honouring the Buffalo: A Plains Cree Legend is a dual language (Cree Y and English) information book selected for the Children’s Category, Longlist of Nominated Titles for First Nation Communities Read 2016-2017. This traditional Plains Cree legend was told by Ray Lavallee to author Judith Silverthorne. Plains Cree language was translated from the Cree by Randy Morin, Jean Okimasis, and Arok Wolvengrgrey.

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Kids Book of Black Canadian History, paper ed


Kids Book of Black Canadian History by Rosemary Sadlier is part of Kids Can Press series, Kids Book of ... Series. From the first Black person who came to Canada about 400 years ago to the most recent wave of African immigrants, Black Canadians have played an important role in our country's history. In this informative overview, kids will discover the inspiring stories and events of a people who fought oppression as they searched for a place to call their own. Topics include African cultures, slavery, Black Loyalists, life in Canada West, and brief profiles of Black Canadians.

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Lost Teachings, Panuijkatasikl Kina’masuti’l, The, paper ed


The Lost Teachings Panuijkatasikl Kina’masuti’l by Michael James Isaac is an engaging story, with effective illustrations by Dozay Arlene Christmas, allows the reader to reconnect to and understand the seven Grandfather teachings and their meaning in relation to themselves and society as a whole. The Lost Teachings is a story about the importance of the seven teachings — wisdom, respect, love, honesty, humility, courage and truth — and how interconnected they are in achieving balance, harmony and peace for individuals and society as a whole.

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Children of the Seventh Fire: An Ancient Prophesy for Modern Times, paper ed


Children of the Seventh Fire: An Ancient Prophesy for Modern Times presents a story about two groups of elementary school children as they assemble in a teaching lodge on an Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) reservation to hear a village elder and knowledge keeper (Edward Benton-Banai explain the Seven Fires Prophecy and the ways it can be understood and implemented by elementary school children.

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Sitting Bull: Lakota Warrior and Defender of His People, hardcover ed


Sitting Bull: Lakota Warrior and Defender of His People is a well-told picture book about the outstanding Lakota Sioux leader known as Tatanka Iyotake, was probably born in 1831. He was one of the greatest Lakota Sioux warriors and chiefs who ever lived. From Sitting Bull’s childhood, killing his first buffalo at age 10, to being named war chief to leading his people against the U.S. Army. When he was a child the family called him Slow because he was a thoughtful child who took his time in deliberation before making a major decision.

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Look! board book


Look! is an introductory board book for young children by Star Bright Books. Artist Kyra Reis has designed a unique 20-page book about colour, size and shape concepts in an appealing way that toddlers and their family or caregivers will enjoy. Simple four line questions guide the reader to assist the child focus on colours, shapes, simple counting and size concepts.

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Thundermaker, The, hardcover ed


The Thundermaker is a 32-page picture book from Nimbus Publishing’s publication for children about the importance of thunder. In Mi’kmaw artist Alan Syliboy’s account that he wrote and illustrated begins in a time long before the world was completed. Set in a small village, the story begins with a family sitting beside their cooking fire while the mother tells a traditional story. Father is Big Thunder, mother is Giju, a renowned storyteller, and their son, Little Thunder. Each has an important role. Mother tells stories to her son and helps him understand his place in the world.

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