Eighteenth-Century Wyandot: A Clan-Based Study, The, paper ed


The Eighteenth-Century Wyandot: A Clan-Based Study by Humber College professor John L. Steckley examines the importance of clans to the study of the history and cultural traditions of the people known as Wyandot. The Wyandot were born of two Wendat peoples encountered by the French in the first half of the seventeenth century—the otherwise named Petun and Huron—and their history is fragmented by their dispersal between Quebec, Michigan, Kansas, and Oklahoma. This book weaves these fragmented histories together, with a focus on the mid-eighteenth century.

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Before Ontario: The Archaeology of a Province, paper ed


With contributions from the province's leading archaeologists, Before Ontario: The Archaeology of a Province provides both an outline of Ontario's ancient past and an easy to understand explanation of how archaeology works. The authors show how archaeologists are able to study items as diverse as fish bones, flakes of stone, and stains in the soil to reconstruct the events and places of a distant past - fishing parties, long-distance trade, and houses built to withstand frigid winters.

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Petun to Wyandot: the Ontario Petun from the Sixteenth Century, paper ed


In Petun to Wyandot: the Ontario Petun from the Sixteenth Century, Charles Garrad draws upon five decades of research to tell the turbulent history of the Wyandot tribe, the First Nation once known as the Petun. Combining and reconciling primary historical sources, archaeological data and anthropological evidence, Garrad has produced the most comprehensive study of the Petun Confederacy.

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Pisim Finds Her Miskanow, hardcover ed


Pisim Finds Her Miskanow is based on an important 1993 archaeological find that located the remains of a young woman at Nagami Bay, Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba. The fully illustrated book recounts a week in the life of Pisim, a young Cree woman, who lived in the mid 1600s. In the story, created by renowned storyteller William Dumas, Pisim begins to recognize her miskanow – her life’s journey – and to develop her gifts for fulfilling that path.

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Written in the Earth: The Story of Davisville DVD (Public Performance Use) UNAVAILABLE


Written in the Earth: The Story of Davisville DVD is a 50-minute documentary about a specific historical archaeological site along the Grand River in Southern Ontario. Davisville was a little-known historical hamlet along the Grand River settled by Mohawk and Mississauga families in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Mohawk Chief Thomas Davis and his family lived in a log cabin in a location that was recorded on early Grand River maps. Archaeological excavation of the site began in 2000 by Gary Warrick of Wilfrid Laurier University and his team.

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Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism: Challenging History in the Great Lakes, The, paper ed


The Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism: Challenging History in the Great Lakes is a study of the archaeological record of the western Great Lakes region, home to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), Anishinaabe (Ojibwe), and Lenni Lenape (Delaware) nations. The Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism convincingly utilizes historical archaeology to link the First Nations experience of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to the deeper history of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century interactions and with pre-European times.

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Anguti's Amulet, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


This bilingual story in Inuktitut and English was written by The Central Coast of Labrador Archaeology Partnership with Inuktitut translation by Sophie Tuglavina. Organized into a 28-page illustrated story with 18 pages devoted to the archaeological dig at Long Tickle, Labrador this part picture book and part information title will appeal to students and teachers interested in the Inuit of Labrador. First Nation Communities Read 2013 title. FNCR 2013

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Maya, The, 8th ed, paper ed


The Maya is the eighth edition of the classic resource written by Michael D. Coe, professor of anthropology at Yale University. The book covers the major archaeological and anthropological understanding of the Mayan people from the birth of their civilization to the present day. This volume contains 189 illustrations and 20 colour images as well as a bibliography, and detailed index. This volume is intended for the general reader and anthropology students.

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These Mysterious People: Shaping History and Archaeology in a Northwest Coast Community, paper ed OUT OF PRINT


These Mysterious People: Shaping History and Archaeology in a Northwest Coast Community focuses on the Musqueam people and a contentious archaeological site in Vancouver and details the relationship between the Musqueam and researchers from the late-nineteenth century to the present. Susan Roy traces the historical development of competing understandings of the past and reveals how the Musqueam First Nation used information derived from archaeological finds to assist the larger recognition of territorial rights.

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