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Little Bear's Vision Quest is a lavishly illustrated picture book that teaches respect for others. The main character is Little Bear who lives along the Northwest Coast.

Sell price: $20.00

The Little Hummingbird is a brilliant children's picture book by Haida artist and storyteller Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas about the power of one person doing the best they can.

Sell price: $18.95

Little Voice by Ruby Slipperjack is a children's book, part of the In the Same Boat Series published by Coteau Books.

Sell price: $9.95

Little You is a charming and heart-warming board book that welcomes a new baby into a family.

Sell price: $10.95

Loving Me is a board book from Star Bright Books featuring contemporary Native American families.

Sell price: $7.95

Ma Kokum a Téléphoné Aujourd'hui is the French language edition of Pemmican Publications' My Kokum Called Today. This French edition was translated by Mona Buors.

Sell price: $10.95

Mama, Do You Love Me? is a children's board book designed to appeal to all children from all cultures. In this story, an Inuit mother and daughter reaffirm their love for one another.

Sell price: $9.99

The Man Who Ran Faster Than Everyone: The Story of Tom Longboat is a recent biography about the contribution made by a Six Nations athlete to Canadian sports history.

Sell price: $16.99

Many Nations: An Alphabet of Native America by Abenaki children's author Joseph Bruchac is a reprint of his popular children's picture book about the many Native America Nations of North America.

Sell price: $7.99

Maple Moon is a children's picture book that tells a fictionalized story about the origin of maple sugar. The story is set in the past before the coming of the Europeans.

Sell price: $9.95

Mary au Parka Rouge is the is the French language edition of Red Parka Mary.  Translated by Mona Buors from children's author Saskatchewan writer and storyteller Peter Eyvindson  a seven-year-old F

Sell price: $10.95

Medicine River is a witty, engaging novel set in a contemporary Blackfoot (Siksika) reserve community, called Medicine River.

Sell price: $21.00

Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese is the 2015 Forest of Reading Evergreen Award™ Winner chosen by adult readers across Ontario as the best fiction/non-fiction book title.

Sell price: $19.95

The Medicine Wheel Garden is an interesting New Age approach to Native American spirituality and gardening with herbs.

Sell price: $24.95

Meet Tom Longboat is one of the new picture book titles in the Scholastic Canada Biography Series featuring accessible text, full-colour illustrations, with historical notes and timelines that prov

Sell price: $16.99

Mind's Eye: Stories from Whapmagoostui is based on over two decades of extensive interviews, Mind's Eye documents the stories told by eighteen Cree elders in Whapmagoostui, a mixed community of Cre

Sell price: $34.95