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Mary au Parka Rouge is the is the French language edition of Red Parka Mary.  Translated by Mona Buors from children's author Saskatchewan writer and storyteller Peter Eyvindson  a seven-year-old F

Sell price: $10.95

The Mighty Glooscap Transforms Animals and Landscape is a trilingual picture book that retells a Mi'kmaq legend.

Sell price: $8.95

Mon nom est Tonnerre is the French language edition of the Sherman Alexie Picture book, Thunder Boy Jr.

Sell price: $11.99

Nanabosho et les cannesberges is the French language edition for Nanabosho and the Cranberries, one of the titles in the Nanabosho series by Winnipeg children's author, Joseph McLellan and Matrine

Sell price: $10.95

Nanabosho et les Papillons is the French language edition of Nanabosho and the Butterflies. This French edition was translated by Mona Buors.

Sell price: $10.95

Nation Iroquoise: A Seventeenth-Century Ethnography of the Iroquois includes the original French transcription and its English translation of an undated and unsigned manuscript found in the Nationa

Sell price: $62.50

Nokum Ma Voix Et Mon Coeur is the French language edition of Nokum is My Teacher by David Bouchard.

Sell price: $24.95

Nos Histoires Sont Vivantes is the French language edition of Living Stories: Godi Weghàà Ets' eèda one of the titles in Fifth House Publishing's The Land Is Our Storybook series.

Sell price: $19.95

Nous sommes tous des gens issus de traités is the French translation of We Are All Treaty People, the 34-page illustrated history produced by the Union of Ontario Indians to promote the understandi

Sell price: $25.00

Nuits de Pow-wow, Iskewsis, Chere Maman is a moving picture book co-written by David Bouchard and Pam Aleekuk.

Sell price: $24.95

Qu'appelle (French edition) by Métis poet and storyteller David Bouchard combines a romanticized retelling of the origin of Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan with the evocative paintings by Cree ar

Sell price: $21.95

Qu'est-ce qu'on y voit? L'art autochtone de la côte nord-ouest du Pacifique is the French edition for What Am I Seeing?: Pacific Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art.

Sell price: $14.95

Quand on était seuls is the French language translation of author David Robertson's and illustrator Julie Flett's picture book, When We Were Alone. Translated by Diane Lavoie.

Sell price: $12.95

Ribambelle de rubans is the French edition of Ribbon Rescue by children's author Robert Munsch.

Sell price: $8.99

Saila & Lucie (Saila & Lucie), Level 8 is a leveled reader with a fun animal story that teaches children the value of being yourself.  This French language edition contains a simple storyli

Sell price: $7.95

Samuel De Champlain Before 1604: Des Sauvages and Other Documents Relating to the Period is the 2010 publication of The Champlain Society and McGill-Queen's University Press edited by Conrad E.

Sell price: $75.00