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Yes, Chicagoland is an odd place. But the word is out that Megan, Raf, and Raf's talking dog Bradley are the team to go to when weirder things than usual start happening.

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It's only the first day of the eleventh grade and Ashley is already generating a whole semester's worth of gossip.  To add to her stress her mother has started cancer treatments and Ashley's best f

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The Greenblades and the Redscales face off in the Mega-Bowl! Sacks and hand-offs. Touchdowns and interceptions. When dinos don shoulder pads, the action is sure to be epic.

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Goose has gone on vacation and Duck is looking after her pond. But Duck is a bit TOO enthusiastic... No splashing! No fishing! No racing! he quacks. Soon he puts up signs EVERYWHERE!

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Emma and her lively family have adventures with their new nanny

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Cover title.;On board pages.;"Smithsonian Institution"--Cover.

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This book covers the ins and outs of the stock and bonds markets, savings and money market accounts, mutual funds, and other types of investments.

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 104-109) and index. Explores the history of the green movement in the United States.

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The animals in Mr. Venezi's pet shop are used to how forgetful he is. Then he hires the perfect assistant, Viola. She does her job so well that Mr. V hardly needs to be there.

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On Resource Link's "Best of 2008" List

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What happens to a moose who thinks he’s famous?

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Drama is more than dialogue written for actors. A piece of drama is crafted by carefully developing each character and scene. But how does a playwright get started?

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When vandals deface the Harmony Point sign, the town does indeed seem to become the "arm Pit" of the region.

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A bullying chicken who keeps all the sunflower seeds to herself and builds a fort to keep the other barnyard animals away soon realizes that being scary is lonely.

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The Flu is much more than a bad cold. It can kill. How does it spread so quickly? How are vaccines created? Find out in this fascinating book.

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