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Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta: Five Hundred Generations was co-produced by the Provincial Museum of Alberta and Syncrude as a partnership to support the museum exhibition, Aboriginal Cultures in A

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American Indians in US History is the 2003 publication from the University of Oklahoma Press Series, The Civilization of the American Indian.  This one-volume narrative history of Native Americans

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An Ethnohistorian in Rupert's Land provides examples of Jennifer S H Brown's exceptional skill in the close study of texts, including oral documents, images, artifacts, and other cultural expressio

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Anasazi Coloring Book: The Story of the Ancestral Puebloans is a 29-page colouring book that features simple line drawings and accompanying text about the ancestors of the present-day Pueblo people

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Limited Quantity Full-colour maps, illustrations, and photographs of the cultures of North and South America. Minor factual errors, especially in section about the Iroquois.

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Karl Kroeber reconsiders many incorrect anthropological beliefs about Native American traditional stories and legends.

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Be Of Good Mind: Essays on the Coast Salish is a collection of 10 essays that discuss and explore the peoples of the Coast Salish and how their cultural traditions continue in spite of years of con

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Breathing Life Into the Stone Fort Treaty: An Anishinabe Understanding of Treaty One focuses on understanding and interpreting treaties from an Anishinaabe inaakonigewin (legal) perspective.

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Challenging Traditions: Contemporary First Nations Art Traditions of the Northwest Coast is a stunning coffee-table art book that celebrates the art of 75 contemporary Northwest Coast artists.

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Yes, Chicagoland is an odd place. But the word is out that Megan, Raf, and Raf's talking dog Bradley are the team to go to when weirder things than usual start happening.

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Before Micah came to St. Luc's, he knew how to beg, how to steal, and how to run from a beating.
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Creatures of Empire: How Domestic Animals Transformed Early America is an interesting account of the role European domestic animals played in the early history of European settlement in the United

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Daniel David Moses: Spoken and Written Explorations of His Work is a compelling examination and discussion of the work of Delaware author, playwright, and poet Daniel David Moses.

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Dzani Yazhi Naazbaa': Little Woman Warrior Who Came Home - A Story of the Navajo Long Walk is a children's picture book that recounts the story of the Navajo Long Walk, 1863-1867, by a Navajo educa

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The Evolution of Alice by David Alexander Robertson is the kaleidoscopic story of one woman's place within the web of community.

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