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A cat's curiosity lands him in a tight spot in this simple but stunning book, featuring cheerful animal sounds and an entertaining find-and-seek element.

Price: $20.95

A wonderful, whimsical exploration of various animals in the water and the ways in which children can, and do, mimic them, Whoosh! gets young readers thinking and moving.

Price: $17.95

Meet some of the most exotic, colorful creatures in the world. From Australia’s koala to South America’s spectacled bear and Africa’s lion.

Price: $14.99

Do you often pose the questions "Why?" or "How?" or "What’s next?" If you want to find out the answers, you will enjoy writing nonfiction.

Price: $7.95

It's hard for young children to be apart from ones they love.

Price: $9.95

Apple's watercolor depictions of the day are trim and airy....

Price: $9.95