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Continuing the series that began with The Birchbark House, The Game of Silence and The Porcupine Year, Chickadee follows a brand new character, Omakayas's grandson Chickadee.

Sell price: $8.99

Chiilgai, Na'nilkaadii: White Nose the Sheep Dog is a bilingual English and Navajo picture book published by Salina Bookshelf that tells a simple story about White Nose, a yellow-coloured puppy tha

Sell price: $12.50

Children of Clay - A Family of Pueblo Potters is an intimate and engaging look at the Santa Clara Pueblo family of potters from northern New Mexico.

Sell price: $10.95

Children of Native America Today is a photo-essay resource book for elementary students.

Sell price: $24.95

Children of the Longhouse is an excellent historical fiction novel by noted Abenaki author, Joseph Bruchac.

Sell price: $10.99

The Choctaw is part of The True Book Series about American Indian Nations. This book describes the traditional culture and history of the Choctaw of the Southeast.

Sell price: $8.50

Christmas at Wapos Bay is a children's novel from the From Many Peoples series published by Coteau Books.

Sell price: $8.95

The Christmas Coat: Memories of My Sioux Childhood by Lakota storyteller Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve takes readers back in time to her childhood during the 1940s.

Sell price: $26.50

Chuck in the City is the newly revised edition of a charming children's story about a young boy named Chuck who goes on an unaccompanied walk when he visits his Kookum (grandmother) in the city.

Sell price: $10.95

Chumash is a juvenile literature title in the Native Americans series published by ABDO Publishing. The series author is Barbara Gray-Kanatiiosh, an Akwesasne Mohawk writer.

Sell price: $33.75

Clambake - A Wampanoag Tradition explains the traditional “appanaug” or seafood cooking ceremony among the contemporary Wampanoag people of Massachusetts.

Sell price: $11.95

The Cloud Artist by Choctaw author Sherri Maret and Choctaw artist Marisha Sequoia Clark is published by RoadRunner Press.

Sell price: $23.95

Cloudwalker by renowned Northwest Coast artist Roy Henry Vickers recounts in text and images the creation of the rivers the source of three of British Columbia’s largest salmon-bearing rivers.

Sell price: $19.95

Colors of the Navajo is one of the titles in the Colors of the World Series.

Sell price: $24.95

Colors of the Navajo is one of the titles in the Colors of the World Series.

Sell price: $6.95

Colouring Bentwood Boxes: Northwest Coast First Nations and Native Art presents outline drawings of Northwest Coast bentwood box art.  32 drawings from various First Nation artists from the Pacific

Sell price: $10.00