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Helping My Grandfather, Level 6 is an illustrated book that introduces beginning readers to the verb to help.

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Hidden Buffalo is a wonderful children's picture book that combines great storytelling with brilliant illustration. The story is set among the Plains Cree of the distant past.

Sell price: $11.95

How Chipmunk Got His Stripes: A Tale of Bragging and Teasing by Abenaki storytellers Joseph and James Bruchac retells a traditional Woodland legend about boasting and teasing.

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Sell price: $7.95

In the picture book How Nivi Got Her Names, Nivi has always known that her names were special, but she does not know where they came from. One sunny afternoon, Nivi decides to ask her mom.

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How the Fox Got His Crossed Legs, Edànì nôgèe wegöö degèe adzà is a  picture book from Theytus that retells a traditional Tlicho (Dogrib) legend for young children.

Sell price: $22.95

Hurry Up, Ilua! is a 32-page colour picture book from the Inhabit Junior series, published by Inhabit Media.

Sell price: $10.95

I Can't Have Bannock But The Beaver Has A Dam is a wonderful picture book for reading aloud to young children.

Sell price: $12.00

I Loved Her is a picture book is about a young Métis girl's tender recollection of her wise and loving grandmother.

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The Ice King is written by Allison Mitcham about a Mi'kmaw youth long ago who outsmarted the Ice King. This traditional Mi'kmaq legend offers the account in English, French, and Mi'kmaq.

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In Arctic Waters by Laura Crawford is an engaging 32-page picture book about northern mammals such as polar bears, walruses, seals, narwhals and beluga whales as they chase each other around "the i

Sell price: $13.95

Indigenous Dwellings of Canada: A Colouring Book authored by Katherine and Leo Pettipas and illustrated by Don Monkman is produced by Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre.

Sell price: $4.95

Inuit Tools is a bilingual board book from Inhabit Junior series featuring 20 full-colour pages of Inuit technology.

Sell price: $12.95

It's Time for Bed is a universal parent-child nightly ritual in picture book format published by Inhabit Media.

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J'aide mon grand-père (Helping My Grandfather), Level 6 is an illustrated book that introduces beginning readers to the verb to help.

Sell price: $7.95