Baby Audio Series: Baby's 1st CD


Baby Audio Series: Baby's 1st CD is published by Salina Bookshelf of Flagstaff, Arizona to accompany the Baby board book series. This bilingual CD is narrated in Navajo by Maybelle Little and English narration is provided by Jessie Ruffenach. The four stories include Baby's First Laugh, Baby Learns to Count, Baby Learns about Colors, and Baby Learns about Animals. The board books feature a young Navajo toddler who has just learned to count from one to ten; sees many different colours in her environment; and helps her family take care of the family's animals.

Price: $14.25

Dine Bizaad Binahoo aah: Rediscovering the Navajo Language, an introduction to the Navajo language, hardcover ed


Dine Bizaad Binahoo aah: Rediscovering the Navajo Language, an introduction to the Navajo language is a 448-page textbook published by Salina Bookshelf for secondary level and college students who want to learn how to speak, write, and read the Navajo language. The 30 chapter book uses a commonly accepted writing system and can be useful for beginner and advanced learners. The introductory chapters cover the Navajo alphabet, sound system and pronunciation guide.

Price: $125.94

Wisdom Weaver, hardcover ed


Wisdom Weaver Bina'nitin Bidziilgo Atl'ohi is a bilingual English and Navajo picture book published by Salina Bookshelf that tells a simple story about the importance of weaving. The gentle story explores the relationship between a young girl and her grandmother who teaches the child all the tasks involved in creating a beautiful Navajo rug. From the shearing of the sheep and cleaning the wool to spinning the wool to make yarn, all the steps are included in simple sentences with appropriate illustrations. The pair even selects plants to makes dyes for colouring the wool.

Price: $25.13

Stone Cutter and the Navajo Maiden, The, hardcover ed


The Stone Cutter and the Navajo Maiden, Tse Yitsidi doo Ch'ikeeh Bitsedaashjee is a bilingual children's picture book that explains the importance of the Navajo metate or grinding stone. A young Navajo girl lives with her father after the death of her mother and takes over the roll of grinding the corn to make flour. One day she trips and falls while carrying the metate or grinding stone and it shatters. To the Navajo, this grinding stone is an important tool for processing corn into flour for breadmaking.

Price: $19.95

Summer's Trade, A hardcover ed


A Summer's Trade, Shiigo Na'iini' is a bilingual children's picture book publisher by Salina Bookshelf told in English and Navajo. Author Deborah Trotter tells the story of a young Navajo boy who learns the meaning of hard work, determination, and sacrifice while working at a summer job. Tony would love nothing better than to help his father with the family's sheep and goats. But he spends his summer working at the trading post in town to earn enough money to buy a well-worn saddle. With the purchase of the saddle Tony will then be able to help at home.

Price: $19.95

Frog Brings Rain (Chal To Yinilo), hardcover ed


Frog Brings Rain is a bilingual retelling of the Navajo legend that explains how frog brought much-needed rain to the land. After a burning branch sets the mountain landscape on fire, the First People and their village are threatened by the fire. First Woman and First Man each ask several animals and birds to assist the people. Each animal and bird demonstrates their bravery in trying to help others. Unfortunately some are changed forever because they go too near the fire. Other creatures refuse to help.

Price: $0.00

Navajo Year, Walk Through Many Seasons, The, hardcover ed


This picture book provides a fascinating and informative look at the method of determining the calendar year according to the cycle of life among the Navajo. The year begins in October for the Navajo Nation and the illustrations by Navajo artist Billy Whitehorne captures the most significant events, sights, and sounds experienced by the Dine during the yearly cycle. For example in July the Navajo people attend rodeos, powwows, and prepare regalia. They also make a late planting of food crops. The text and illustrations place the events of the year within the contemporary context.

Price: $23.50

Three Little Sheep (Dibe Yazhi Taa'go Baa Hane'), The, hardcover ed UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available from the publisher. The Three Little Sheep (Dibe Yazhi Taa'go Baa Hane') is a Navajo and English picture book retelling the tale of the Three Little Pigs and the Wolf. Navajo educator Seraphine Yazzie uses her skills to write the Dine version of this hilarious story. The three little sheep live with their mother in a house but one day mother sheep tells her sons that they must move out and a find a home of their own. So the brother sheep set off in different directions to find their new homes and become self-sufficient.

Price: $0.00

What Does Died Mean?, paper ed


What Does Died Mean? Is a bilingual (Navajo and English) picture book that explains the meaning of death in simple terms that a young child can understand. A three-year-old Navajo girl learns about the death of her grandfather through the gentle teaching of her grandmother. The issue of diabetes, proper diet, and the family lifestyle are woven into the story. Through direct question and answer, the grandmother and child come to an understanding of loss and death by means of examples from their surroundings. Soft pastel colour drawings by Patrick G.

Price: $11.70