Thundermaker, The, hardcover ed


The Thundermaker is a 32-page Mi'kmaq / English dual language picture book from Nimbus Publishing’s publication for children about the importance of thunder. In Mi’kmaw artist Alan Syliboy’s account that he wrote and illustrated begins in a time long before the world was completed. Set in a small village, the story begins with a family sitting beside their cooking fire while the mother tells a traditional story. Father is Big Thunder, mother is Giju, a renowned storyteller, and their son, Little Thunder. Each has an important role.

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Ancestral Images: The Mi'kmaq in Art & Photography, hardcover ed


Niniskamijinaqik / Ancestral Images: The Mi'kmaq in Art and Photography presents their unique culture and way of life through the remarkable and sometime complex lives of individuals, as depicted in artwork or photography. The opening images in this collection were created by the Mi'kmaq themselves: portrayals of human beings carved into the rock formations of Nova Scotia. Then there are the earliest surviving European depictions of Mi'kmaq, decorations on the maps of Samuel de Champlain.

Price: $29.95

Indian School Road: Legacies of the Shubenacadie Residential School, paper ed


Indian School Road: Legacies of the Shubenacadie Residential School by journalist Chris Benjamin tackles the controversial and tragic history of the Shubenacadie Indian Residential School, its predecessors, and its lasting effects, giving voice to multiple perspectives. Benjamin integrates research, interviews, and testimonies to guide readers through the varied experiences of students, principals, and teachers over the school's nearly forty years of operation (1930-1967) and beyond.

Price: $24.95

Louisbourg, Past, Present, Future



Now a national historic site, the fortified military settlement of Louisbourg was once a colonial jewel desired by both the French and English monarchies, traded with yet feared by the Anglo-Americans, and highly regarded by the Mi’kmaq. Home to Canada’s first lighthouse, Louisbourg became the capital of Île-Royale (Cape Breton Island) in 1720, and was an economically viable fishery, military stronghold, and strategic naval base for centuries.

Price: $15.95

Kisses, Kisses Baby-O, board book


Kisses, Kisses Baby-O is a board book by author and educator Sheree Fitch. This simple 10-page book features multicultural parents and caregivers laughing and holding their babies. Baby wakes, plays, and sleeps as the loving parent speaks to baby in simple rhyme ending each with the phrase, Baby-O. This board book is also available in a Mi'kmaq edition, Weska'qelmut Apje'juanu, translated by Bernie Francis.

Price: $6.50

Eagle of the Sea, paper ed


Eagle of the Sea is picture book for young readers written by Kristin Bieber Domm about the largest bird of prey of the Maritimes, the bald eagle. Told in first person narrative this information book explains the habitat, life cycle, hunting ability, and anatomical feathers such as the bird's feathers of this awe-inspiring bird. Colour illustrations capture the bird's strength and beauty for elementary students. The author avoids the dry information style recitation of facts and has created an engaging narrative for children.

Price: $9.95

Weska'qelmut Apje'juanu, Kisses, Kisses, Baby-O, Mi'kmaq board book


Weska'qelmut Apje'juanu, Kisses, Kisses, Baby-O is a Mi'kmaq language board book translated from Sheree Fitch's English text of Kisses, Kisses, Baby-O. Mikmaw linguist Bernie Francis has taken the original words celebrating the birth of a baby and the love shown by the welcoming parents and created a valuable board book especially Mi'kmaq families and preschoolers.

Price: $6.50

Inuk Boy Becomes a Hunter, An, paper ed


An Inuk Boy Becomes a Hunter is the straight-forward autobiography by Inuk hunter named John Igloliorte. Born in 1936 in Nain, Labrador, John describes his childhood years growing up in a family that struggled to survive. His father was disabled and the young John often went to live with other families in the community. Despite the hardships he tells his story with honesty and integrity. He recounts his schooling, living on the land, hunting, fishing, and playing games with other Inuit children.

Price: $17.95