Once in a Blue Moon, hardcover ed 2018 FNCR


Once in a Blue Moon is a fictional account told in simple rhyming verse about the rare appearance of a blue moon. A blue moon is a second full moon in a calendar month. The author who identifies as Metis is also the illustrator for this book suggested for primary level students. Published by Groundwood Books in 2017.  Selected for the 2018 FNCR longlist for First Nation Communities Read.

Price: $17.95

Coyote Tales, hardcover ed 2018 FNCR

Coyote Tales is an ideal reader for beginners as this chapter book takes two previously published picture books by storyteller and humourist Thomas King. This title contains Coyote Sings to the Moon and Coyote's New Suit with black and white drawings by Byron Eggenschwiler and tells how trickster can play tricks on others and how he can also be shown the errors of his behaviors.
Price: $16.95

Lecons de la Mere-Terre, paper ed Back ordered


Lecons de la Mere-Terre is the French language translation of Lessons From Mother Earth, a delightful picture book by first-time author Elaine McLeod. In this story, a young girl goes out to the garden with her grandmother. The child has never visited the garden and the two leave the warmth of a log cabin and begin a long walk outdoors. As they walk, grandmother tells the child about nature and the proper way to pick berries and gather wild plants. They take just enough berries to eat and are careful not to trample the delicate plants.

Price: $0.00

Looks Like Daylight: Voices of Indigenous Kids, hardcover ed


Looks Like Daylight: Voices of Indigenous Kids is the new release from award-winning author Deborah Ellis. Much more than interviews with 45 First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and Native American youth between the ages of 9 to 18, Looks Like Daylight offers readers a first-hand account of their cultural beliefs, values, and aspirations for the future. Despite issues of poverty, the legacy of residential and boarding school, and drug and alcohol abuse, these voices combine to create a compelling collection of Indigenous youth voices.

Price: $15.95

Tecumseh, hardcover ed


Tecumseh is a 2012 release from Groundwood Books written by James Laxer. This is an illustrated biography of Tecumseh, the Shawnee leader, discussing his efforts to form a confederacy of First Nations to oppose the encroaching colonists, his leadership, and his role in the War of 1812, in which he sided with the British against the United States and developed a friendship with Major General Isaac Brock. The 62-page book offers a brief discussion of Tecumseh's childhood and the importance of his name. As a youth he undertakes a vision quest and participates in hunts.

Price: $19.95

Last Leaf First Snowflake To Fall: A Poem, paper ed


Last Leaf First Snowflake to Fall by Ojibwe artist Leo Yerxa is a celebration of the seasonal change from fall to winter. Through prose poetry and collage images, Yerxa weaves an engaging account of a Nishnawbe (Ojibwe) parent and child who travel in the woods during autumn. They begin by paddling a canoe to an island where they walk through different types of terrain. As evening approaches the pair set up camp and they settle in for the night. Using their upturned canoe for shelter the two fall asleep hearing the wind howl.

Price: $9.95

Ancient Thunder, paper ed


Ancient Thunder by Ojibwe author and illustrator Leo Yerxa is the 2006 winner of the Governor General's Award for Illustration. Yerxa draws on his appreciation and delight for the wild horses of the Plains as inspiration for the book. In this unique tribute, Yerxa works with hand-made watercolour paper that has the appearance of leather. His technique, developed through patient experimentation, gives the magnificent images of galloping horses the sense that their thundering hooves are like a force of nature.

Price: $9.95