New Architecture on Indigenous Lands, paper ed


New Architecture on Indigenous Lands is an introduction to a contemporary genre of North American architecture. This 416-page volume by professor of architecture at the University of Illinois Joy Monice Malnar along with professor of fine arts at Loyola University Chicago Frank Vodvarka breaks new, academic ground for Indigenous architecture.

Price: $55.93

This Benevolent Experiment: Indigenous Boarding Schools, Genocide, and Redress in Canada and the United States, paper ed


Inspired by the signing of the 2006 Residential School Settlement Agreement in Canada, which provided a truth and reconciliation commission and compensation for survivors of residential schools, This Benevolent Experiment: Indigenous Boarding Schools, Genocide, and Redress in Canada and the United States offers a multilayered, comparative analysis of Indigenous boarding schools in the United States and Canada. Because of differing historical, political, and structural influences, the two countries have arrived at two very different responses to the harms caused by assimilative education.

Price: $27.95

American Indian Families (A True Book), paper ed


American Indian Families is part of The True Book Series published by Children's Press especially for elementary students in grades three to five. This information book is arranged into brief chapters about the nature of Native American families and how different nations' families were organized. The author and publisher have tackled a complex topic by explaining the different kinds of family groups among various Native American Nations that elementary students can appreciate Indigenous cultures.

Price: $7.99

Surviving Desires: Making and Selling Native Jewellery in the American Southwest, paper ed


Surviving Desires: Making and Selling Native Jewellery in the American Southwest by anthropologist and curator Henrietta Lidchi is a visually stunning exploration of the symbolic, economic, and communal value of jewellery in the American Southwest. The author works in the National Museums Scotland and has examined British collecting, exchanges between British and American institutions, and the development of the British Museum’s contemporary collection.

Price: $43.70

Cradle Me, Board Book-reprinting Jan 2019


Cradle Me celebrates Native American families and shows how they carry their babies. This 14-page board book features facial close-up photographs of 11 infants wrapped in various cradle styles. Star Bright Books published this board book with the advice of the National Indian Child Care Association. As the back cover indicates Native American families carried infants safely, comfortably, and close to mothers in cradle boards. Each cradle board is personalized and decorated according to tribal designs and materials.

Price: $9.95

Looks Like Daylight: Voices of Indigenous Kids, hardcover ed


Looks Like Daylight: Voices of Indigenous Kids is the new release from award-winning author Deborah Ellis. Much more than interviews with 45 First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and Native American youth between the ages of 9 to 18, Looks Like Daylight offers readers a first-hand account of their cultural beliefs, values, and aspirations for the future. Despite issues of poverty, the legacy of residential and boarding school, and drug and alcohol abuse, these voices combine to create a compelling collection of Indigenous youth voices.

Price: $15.95

Kiki's Journey, hardcover ed


Kiki’s Journey is an illustrated picture book written by Taos Pueblo/Tarahumara author Kristy Orona-Ramirez. The author writes about a common occurrence for First Nation and Native American students. Teachers in urban setting often believe that a Native American student is an expert on all topics Native American. Kiki is no exception. Her family lives in Los Angeles and her parents both grew up in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. Kiki does not remember visiting Taos Pueblo as an infant, and she is furious when her teacher assumes she should know all about the pueblo.

Price: $22.00

Turquoise Ledge: A Memoir, The, hardcover ed


The Turquoise Ledge: A Memoir is the most recent literary memoir by noted author Leslie Marmon Silko. Part journal, part guide to the environment and to the spiritual, Leslie Marmon Silko takes readers into her world of Tuscon, Arizona and the surrounding desert on her frequent walks along the ledges and arroyos. Her journey explores the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual worlds, the importance of memory, and the stories of traditional cultures.

Price: $32.50

National Geographic Investigates: Ancient Pueblo, hardcover ed


National Geographic Investigates: Ancient Pueblo, archaeology unlocks the secrets of America's past is an information book published by National Geographic Society. At prehistoric sites in the Four Corners states (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico) of the American Southwest, archaeologists have searched for years, looking for clues to the history of the Pueblo people. Learn what we know about these cliff dwellers. Study the thousands of rock carvings and petroglyphs these ancient ancestors of the Pueblo left behind.

Price: $23.95