Welcome to New France: Relationships with Aboriginal First Nations, hardcover ed


Welcome to New France: Relationships with Aboriginal First Nations is one of the titles in Beech Street Books six volume series that addresses the early history of Canada from the 1500s to the 1800s. Designed for junior level readers each title is divided into six chapters approximately two pages in length. Readers will gain a basic knowledge of the history, exploration, settlement and way of life in the land that became known as Canada. Several of the titles contain content about First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

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Drum Story, The and DVD, hardcover ed


The Drum Story and accompanying DVD is produced by Reality Media. The Drum Story book and 20-minute DVD features the traditional knowledge and storytelling of Falcon Migwans from Manitoulin Island. The origin of the drum is told in English and Ojibwe with translation by Albert Owl and Vivian Roy. The book includes a brief introduction of Falcon Migwans and explains how he was gifted this account.

Price: $29.95

E-nawe-sing Kidwenan, The Way the Words Sound: An Exploration of the Vowel Sounds Within Anishinaabemowin, paper ed


E-nawe-sing Kidwenan, The Way the Words Sound: An Exploration of the Vowel Sounds Within Anishinaabemowin is the 55-page book developed by Dr. Shirley Ida Williams-Pheasant. Dr. Williams found the needs of today's Ojibwe language students require teachers to have techniques when dealing with learners who have become accustomed to writing the language being studied. Because Ojibwe is an oral language the teachers needed tools to aid their learners in pronunciation. The result is this guide for the consonant, vowel and other sounds heard when speaking Ojibwe.

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Dakota Parle des Traites, paper ed (Dakota Talks about Treaties)


Dakota Parle des Traites is French language edition of Dakota Talks about Treaties published by the Union of Ontario of Indians in 2017. This 8-page illustrated book designed for primary level students explains the importance of treaties to Indigenous students as well as non-Indigenous readers. Told from Dakota's perspective the book begins as Dakota gives a speech to her classmates. She recounts her family's trip to a celebration of the Treaty of Niagara in Niagara Falls. This is where Dakota saw wampum belts and heard speeches about the history of this treaty.

Price: $10.00

Alex Partage Sa Ceinture Wampum (Alex Shares His Wampum), paper ed


Alex Partage Sa Ceinture Wampum is the French language edition of Alex Shares His Wampum Belt produced by the Union of Ontario Indians. This French language book is an eight page illustrated book about the importance of wampum belts and treaties for primary level students. Kelly Crawford wrote this information book about a First Nation student named Alex and his inspiration to create a wampum belt from his Lego blocks. The boy explains that treaty belts are made from wampum and they represent promises made to last. The wampum belt Alex made symbolizes the Treaty of Niagara agreement.

Price: $10.00

Treaty Tales 2: The Friendship, hardcover ed


Treaty Tales 2:  The Friendship is volume two in the treaty trilogy produced by educators at Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre for students in Manitoba. The Friendship title explains the key concepts of treaties in a picture book format. Grandmother and granddaughter are making bannock and during the baking process grandmother tells the history of First Nations and their friendship with the settlers. The friendship led the First Nations to aid the settlers with housing, traveling, and living in the new land.  This friendship remains today.

Price: $14.95

Treaty Tales 3 volume set, hardcover ed


Treaty Tales 3 volume set contains Treaty Tales Volume One The Handshake and the Pipe; Treaty Tales Volume Two The Friendship; and Treaty Tales Volume Three We Are All Treaty People produced by Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre. A young girl Neepin and her grandmother (Kookoo) travel around their community Lynx Creek First Nation and grandmother introduces the girl to key people of their First Nation.

Price: $39.95