Living Indigenous Leadership: Native Narratives on Building Strong Communities, paper ed


Living Indigenous Leadership: Native Narratives on Building Strong Communities showcases innovative research and leadership practices from diverse nations and tribes in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand. The contributors, all women, use vibrant stories and personal narratives to offer insights into the unique nature of Indigenous leadership. These dynamic case studies reveal that Native leaders, whether formal or informal, ground their work in embodied concepts such as land, story, ancestors, and Elders, concepts rarely mentioned in mainstream studies of leadership.

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Our Grandmothers' Words: Traditional Stories for Nurturing, paper ed


Our Grandmothers' Words: Traditional Stories for Nurturing is a 64-page resource offering readers guidance about Mi’kmaq traditional wisdom for pregnancy and birth. Traditional child raising practices recognize that you begin to raise a child from the moment you know you are pregnant. This book shares the Grandmother’s understandings for pregnancy and birth as well as some traditional stories that are used to help guide and nurture parents and children as they grow together.

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Language of This Land, Mi'kma'ki, The, paper ed


The Language of This Land, Mi'kma'ki is an exploration of Mi’kmaq worldview as expressed through language, legends and stories, song and dance, and traditional knowledge. Mi’kmaki refers to the territory of the Mi’kmaq. This territory includes the island of Newfoundland, all of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, much of New Brunswick and the Gaspé, and part of northeastern Maine.

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Ice King: Le Roi de Glace: Mkumiey Eleke'wit, The, paper ed


The Ice King is written by Allison Mitcham about a Mi'kmaw youth long ago who outsmarted the Ice King. This traditional Mi'kmaq legend offers the account in English, French, and Mi'kmaq. The French text, Le Roi de Glace, is translated by Corinne Gallant; the Mi'kmaq version, Mkumiey Eleke'wit, is written by Serena M. Sark. Because they did not know how to defend themselves against the Ice King, the inhabitants of a Mi'kmaq village risked death every winter - until a day when a brave Mi'kmaw dared to stand up to him. Will he manage to subdue this formidable enemy?

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Blood Brothers in Louisbourg, paper ed


Blood Brothers in Louisbourg by Philip Roy is a young adult historical fiction novel that features two male characters. Fifteen year old student Jacques is travelling to Louisbourg with his military-minded father. Jacques wants nothing more than to read Voltaire and play his music. His officer father wants Jacques to become a man and a soldier fighting for the French in Cape Breton's military fortress. The other main character is a Mi'kmaw youth named Two-feathers. This odd name represents the heritage of his Mi'kmaw mother and French military father.

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Mighty Glooscap Transforms Animals and Landscape, The, paper ed


The Mighty Glooscap Transforms Animals and Landscape is a trilingual picture book that retells a Mi'kmaq legend. The French section is Le maître Glooscap transforme animaux et paysage and is translated by Rejean Roy. The Mi’kmaq section is Mawiknat Klu’skap Sa’se’wo’laji Wi’sisk aqq Sa’se’wa’toq Maqamikew and is translated by Serena Sock. The English section is written by Allison Mitcham. The illustrated story explains how the geography of New Brunswick came to be. It also explains why the animals appear in their current shape and size.

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Sacred Sundance: The Transfer of a Ceremony DVD, The (Home DVD Use Only)


The Sacred Sundance: The Transfer of a Ceremony is written and directed by Brian J Francis tells the story of how a traditional Plains healing ceremony was transferred from the Lakota people to Elsipogtog First Nation by Elder William Nevin. This sacred healing ceremony moved William Nevin to dance for his critically ill children. After their recovery he committed to bring this important spiritual ceremony to his community. Participants tell of their experiences with the Sundance and how it changed their lives and continues to inspire them.

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Native Legends (Compilation) (Home DVD Use Only)


Native Legends is a 24-minute DVD produced by the National Film Board of Canada. The compilation includes The Owl Who Married a Goose, Summer Legend, and The Owl and the Raven. These traditional Inuit and Mi'kmaq legends are adapted into animations and a puppet show to interest young children in storytelling. Summer Legend is the classic story about Glooscap's battle against Winter and how he successfully brought summer to the Mi'kmaq of Eastern Canada. The other two legends are Inuit stories.

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Kwa'nu'te' - Micmac and Maliseet Artists (Home DVD Use Only)


Kwa'nu'te' - Micmac and Maliseet Artists DVD by Catherine Anne Martin profiles a number of Mi'kmaq and Maliseet artists from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, showing their similarities and differences, samples of their work and the sources of their inspiration. Features Shirley Bear, Leonard Paul, Louise Martin, Ned Bear and Luke Simon.

This NFB Home Use Only DVD from is only available for sale in Canada. For USA orders contact [email protected] or phone: 1-800-542-2164

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Mi'kmaq Family - Migmaoei Otjiosog (Home DVD Use Only)


Mi'kmaq Family - Migmaoei Otjiosog is a 1995 National Film Board of Canada film directed by Mikmaw filmmaker Catherine Ann Martin. This 32-minute DVD is a new parent's exploration about the techniques of modern childrearing through the experience of Mi'kmaq elders. During a summer gathering at Chapel Island, Nova Scotia, while celebrating Saint Anne's Day, the Mi'kmaq families share stories, renew friendships, and take pride in their cultural traditions.

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