Many Nations (Peturson), paper ed


Many Nations is one of the Reading for Real titles from Thomson Duval publishers. This title is presented as a report text form about the so-called Ancient Nations of North America such as the Anasazi or Cliff Dwellers of the American Southwest; the Haida of the Pacific Northwest; the Moundbuilders of the Mississippi; and the Beothuk of Newfoundland. This Reading for Real titles introduces students to four reports about the significant technological achievements of these peoples.

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Runner in the Sun: A Story of Indian Maize, paper ed


Runner in the Sun: A Story of Indian Maize by noted author D'Arcy McNickle (1904-1977) is a reprint of the long out of print young adult novel set in times long before Columbus in the Southwest among the ancestors of the Pueblo people. McNickle effectively employs oral tradition techniques in the telling of the story about a young man who finds a gift to bring to his people undergoing serious challenges both within and from outside their village.

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Come Look With Me: American Indian Art, hardcover ed


Come Look With Me: American Indian Art is one of the titles in Lickle Publishing's Come Look With Me Series of art appreciation books. The book's author selected 12 Native American historic objects made from a variety of media. The colour photograph of each object occupies a full page and on the opposing page there are a series of questions inviting students to examine the work. Included are brief paragraphs about the cultural and historical context of each art piece and its creator.

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Anasazi Coloring Book: The Story of the Ancestral Puebloans


Anasazi Coloring Book: The Story of the Ancestral Puebloans is a 29-page colouring book that features simple line drawings and accompanying text about the ancestors of the present-day Pueblo people. The Ancient Ones are called Anasazi. Their traditional homeland is the Southwest who built stone dwellings into the sides of cliffs. The illustrations and descriptions explain the culture and lifestyle of these Ancient People. The author provides a glossary of terms and a list of references.

Price: $6.20

Mud Family, The, hardcover ed


The Mud Family is a children's picture book set among the ancient Anasazi of the Southwest. In this fictional story, a young girl named Sosi and her family experience a difficult time when a summer drought dries up their cornfields. Everyone is unhappy and the young Sosi is often scolded. Sosi goes off on her own and creates figures out of mud. These mud figures become her new family. When the whole community decides that their village must relocate, Sosi refuses to leave and joins her mud family.

Price: $18.95