Houses of Bark: Tipi, Wigwam and Longhouse, paper edition UNAVAILABLE


UNAVAILABLE This title is no longer available through Houses of Bark: Tipi, Wigwam and Longhouse is a children's information resource in the Native Dwellings series by Bonnie Shemie. The series looks at the range of innovative architectural designs of several Native North American Indian cultures. This book looks at the three main dwelling styles that use wood as a building material. The text begins with a brief explanation of the culture areas, its environmental features, and the way the Native People of the Subarctic and Woodland areas lived close to nature.

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Algonquin, The (Native Am. Series), hardcover ed


The Algonquin is a juvenile literature title in the Native Americans series published by ABDO Publishing. This title's contributing editor is Bob Goulais, Communications Officer with the Anishinabek Nation. The series is designed to appeal to students in grade 3 to 5, and each title covers the culture and history of the particular Nation. In this title, the author describes the traditional homeland of the Algonquin (Anishinabek Nation) located in the eastern woodlands on both sides of the Great Lakes.

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River Ran Wild: An Environmental History, A, paper ed SS 2, 3, 4


A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History explores the dynamic life story of a river ecosystem in New Hampshire from the distant past up to the present. Telling the history of a waterway introduces young readers to the ways human behaviour interacts on the natural environment. The focus of the story is the Nashua River in New Hampshire but the story could be told for any river located in North America. The river provides an ideal home to many animals, birds and fish.

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You're So Fat!: Exploring Ojibwe Discourse, paper ed


'You're So Fat!': Exploring Ojibwe Discourse is a valuable contribution to cross-cultural understanding and Native Studies. Roger Spielmann is an associate professor in the Department of Native Studies, University of Sudbury. His belief that non-natives have much to learn in order to understand Native experience and culture was the impetus for this text. Spending a number of years in the Algonquin community of Pikogan in Quebec allowed him to begin his learning path.

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Les Sauvages Americains: Representations of Native Americans in French and English Colonial Literature, paper ed


Les Sauvages Americains: Representations of Native Americans in French and English Colonial Literature describes the Algonquian and Iroquois First Nations of the American Northeast in great detail by colonial explorers who wandered into the region in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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