Run, Dog!


Wherever a buoyant red ball goes, a dog follows close behind, running, jumping, and wreaking delightful havoc in its wake! Turn the distinctive pages to discover what happens as the ball and the dog enter each new scene. Children and adults alike will be amused by this simple story featuring easy-to-learn action words.

Price: $19.99

Letter Lunch


The cupboards are empty, as is the fridge. Thus begins the adventure of a hungry brother and sister as they try to figure out what's for lunch. But there's nothing ordinary about the feast the siblings of Letter Lunch are cooking up. From letter-picking in their backyard to browsing through the alphabet at the local market, from an expedition through the woods and up a mountain to sharing their finds with friends, the two chefs and letter foragers set out to create a feast of consonants that's seasoned with both vowels and wit that keeps you turning the page.

Price: $17.95

Vole Brothers


From the creator of the beloved Mole Sisters series comes an irresistible tale about two ravenous rodents, wanted for snacking on too many strawberries, daisies, tulips, and other vegetation. And after these rodents chomp and chew all the plants they can find around their home — a drainpipe in an urban alley — they're still hungry! So hungry, in fact, they could even eat a cat! Using an imaginative paper bag disguise and a natural talent for tunneling, this mischievous pair sets off in pursuit of a feline-sized feast — and finds a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Price: $16.95

When Mama Goes to Work


When Mama goes to work, she wears her working clothes.
She combs her hair,
She packs a lunch,
She takes her special bag.

When Mama goes to work, I wear my playing clothes.
I comb my hair,
I pack a lunch,
I take my special bag.

When Mama Goes to Work follows several children and their working mothers as they move through their day. From morning to night, through the daily activities of work and play, children and parents keep each other in their thoughts even when they are apart.

Price: $18.95

A Leaf Can Be


This picture book poetically explores the many things a leaf can be from shade spiller and mouth filler to tree topper and rain stopper. Backmatter provides additional explanations.   ***********NOTE: 40% OFF PRICE SHOWN WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*********


Price: $0.00

Camp K-9


Roxie and her fellow dog campers are headed to Camp K-9 for all kinds of doggy fun. But Roxy has a secret: she’s brought her blankie in her Pooch Pouch. If the other campers find out, they’ll call her a puppy. Even worse, a mean Standard Poodle named Lucy seems determined to cause trouble—and if Lucy sniffs out her secret, Roxy will really be in the doghouse.

Price: $18.95

Where is Catkin?


A cat's curiosity lands him in a tight spot in this simple but stunning book, featuring cheerful animal sounds and an entertaining find-and-seek element.
Catkin jumps off Amy's lap and climbs over the wall. It is time to hunt.
Catkin slithers through the grass, creeps by the pond, and explores a rock pile. Along the way he follows the sounds of animals and insects.
Kerik-Kerik. Catkin sees something shiny and small in the thick grass. Catkin hops-but the cricket gets away.

Price: $20.95

Monster Goes to School


I can tell time at school, Monster tells Teacher. And to prove it, he makes a school clock. It doesn't have numbers, hands, or go tick-tock. Instead, Monster's clock has pictures showing playtime, storytime, lunchtime, naptime-in order, all the "times" of his preschool day. Virginia Mueller's simple text and Lynn Munsinger's delightful monsters of all shapes and colors tell a fun story and introduce concepts of time and sequencing, too.***********NOTE: 40% OFF PRICE SHOWN WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*********

Price: $0.00