Baby Learns to Count, board book


Baby Learns to Count is a board book published by Salina Bookshelf of Flagstaff, Arizona. This bilingual board book is set in the Southwest among the contemporary Navajo Nation. The colourful illustrations by Beverly Blacksheep feature a young Navajo toddler who has just learned to count from one to ten. Baby counts objects and animals in her immediate environment. First, Baby sees one kitten drinking milk. Then she notices two Navajo moccasins on the floor. Next Baby sees three birds flying high up in the sky. After the birds, she sees four rabbits hopping across the road.

Price: $14.80

On Mother's Lap, board book SS 1


On Mother's Lap is a board book that celebrates an Inuit mother's love. A young boy named Michael enjoys a special quiet time being rocked on his mother's lap in the big rocking chair. As the pair rock back and forth, Michael realizes that some of his special toys also want to be included. One by one, Michael gathers his special Inuk dolly, boat, puppy, and Caribou blanket. Mother's lap has room for all the toys and the pet dog. But when Mother hears baby sister, she says that baby wants to cuddle too. Michael is not so sure and says there is not enough room for his sister on mother's lap.

Price: $10.08

Mama, Do You Love Me? (board book)


Mama, Do You Love Me? is a children's board book designed to appeal to all children from all cultures. In this story, an Inuit mother and daughter reaffirm their love for one another. The daughter tests her mother's love with a series of questions that ask the nature and length of a parent's love. The daughter asks if her mother will love her if she puts a salmon in her parka. Mother replies in the affirmative. The conditions become more extreme and humourous but each time the mother reaffirms her love in spite of emotions of fear, anger and surprise.

Price: $9.99

Sliding, paper ed (wordless book)


Sliding is a picture book (no text) developed for the kindergarten level of the Circle program, an integrated ESL language arts program for Native children in Northern Ontario. The pictures show young children having fun with their pet dog while they all slide down a snow-covered hill. This story should appeal to children in day care and kindergarten settings. Language teachers will find this picture book useful for telling the story in the language.

Price: $12.95