Frank Shebageget, paper ed


Frank Shebageget is an Anishinabe artist who uses modernist forms and repetition to critically investigate symbols of Indigenous-settler contact that have personal historical resonance. This publication documents two site-specific sculptural installations and features an essay that considers Shebageget’s use of specific materials and minimalist approach to subvert the homogenizing objectives of colonial history and modernism. This exhibition catalogue documents his self-titled show at Gallery 1C03 University of Winnipeg.

Price: $12.00

Qiviuq: A Legend in Art, paper ed


Qiviuq: A Legend in Art is a 57-page art exhibition catalogue examines the evolution of storytelling as a cultural art and within the Inuit culture, which has evolved from oral storytelling to encompass visual interpretations within the context of contemporary Inuit art. Seven stories about the heroic character Qiviuq are viewed through the 36 art pieces created by Inuit sculptors and print makers.

Price: $5.40