Voices and Visions: A Story of Canada, Student Resource


This student text was developed for grade 7 social studies students in Alberta. It includes perspectives from First Nations, Francophones, and Anglophones about the development of Canada. The beginning chapter provides an overview of Aboriginal societies including the Mi'kmaq of the East Coast, the Haudenosaunee of the Northeastern Woodlands, and the Anishinabe. The text is organized into fourteen chapters and these discuss Canada before and after Confederation.

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Imaginary Indian: The Image of the Indian in Canadian Culture, 6th printing, paper ed


Now entering a seventh printing, and with over 18,000 copies sold, The Imaginary Indian is a fascinating, revealing history of the "Indian" image mythologized by popular Canadian culture since 1850, propagating stereotypes that exist to this day. Images of the Indian have always been fundamental to Canadian culture.

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Copying People: Photographing British Columbia First Nations 1860 - 1940


Copying People: Photographing British Columbia First Nations 1860 - 1940 explores the wealth of archival photography taken by Non-Natives in British Columbia. The author looks at the historical context of the photograph and the difficulty contemporary viewers have in discerning the truthfulness of the image. Francis explains the historical development of the photograph and briefly identifies key photographs working in Canada from 1860 to 1940. Many of the photographs are houses in archival institutions and were collected for a variety of reasons.

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Discovering First Peoples and First Contacts, paper ed


Discovering First Peoples and First Contacts is a recent publication designed to meet the previous Ontario curriculum guidelines for the grade 6 Heritage and Citizenship strand. The text introduces the original "settlers" of Canada by covering four main cultural regions - Mi'kmaq, Northwest Coast, Plains, and Iroquoians of the St. Lawrence lowlands. Two brief chapters discuss origin theories and creation stories as well as the linguistic distribution of Aboriginal Peoples throughout precontact Canada.

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